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>be me
>be depressed for months
>cut off contact with friends
>1 friend tries to comfort me
>start dating
>confide in him all the time how I feel
>he leaves for marines boot camp (3 months)
>count the days till first letter
>get letter a month and a half later
>super happy
>breaks up with me in letter
>claims it’s because “he thought more of his family, than of me when things got tough”
>ends letter by telling me to get friends and get out of my comfort zone

Part of me wants to be understanding and let him know that I get that dating someone with depression and anxiety is hard. The other part of me wants to hate him.
you'll get over it, ya gay cunt. keep your head up and post on the correct boards the next time. nice blog post btw ;^)
Being a loser takes no work, suffering or pain. That's why most people are losers.
How the fuck do people keep posting here on accident?
This is like the 4th time this week.

Take his advice, get out of your rut.
Go out, meet people, learn some new shit. Since you're here, pick up a hobby of 3d. Then post your donuts in the WiP thread.
>How the fuck do people keep posting here on accident?
Phoneposting, apparently. One of the big apps, I think Clover or something, sorts all the boards alphabetically so /3/ appears first. No idea why they don't just filter out the boards they don't use though. Pretty sure Clover has that option.
(FTR, phoneposter as well, use Chan Oran friends :^) it's one of the nicest clients I've used)
>Pretty sure Clover has that option.
It does. Using it right now, I have everything but /3/ filtered.
>>641946 #

It takes no work, but it does take pain and suffering, in fact, studies have shown that extreme depression could equal the equivalent pain of an actual wound.
>No idea why they don't just filter out the boards they don't use though.
Because it's not default and normals aren't proficient enough to use non-default options.
No wonder you're lonely depressed twat, you can't even post on the right board.
While I am sorry that you are troubled, this thread is beat suited for /adv/.
If "most people" were losers, we would live like the primitive losers whose graves our homes are built upon.
Most people are not losers, by definition "most people" are average functional people. Only a small percentage, by definition, are exceptionally successful or exceptionally unsuccessful.

Now please, I urge you to do the right thing by killing yourself, it's for the greater good.
File: dontkys.png (395 KB, 1920x1080)
395 KB
395 KB PNG

ur on the 3d board u dummy. but since ur here i made u this 3d heart.
Don't you wish recalculating normals worked in real life too?
she's all about displacement maps tho..
OP you should check out Blender
its much more verstile software than any other on the market!
and guess what?!?! it is FREE!!!!

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