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File: thegamehaha.jpg (126 KB, 1280x720)
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Almost complete beginner here, this is my first finished render, how is my composition and lighting?
pink. really really pink
well here's a better question.

does it look good to you?
you asshole
where egg marger
File: serveimage.jpg (281 KB, 1200x1200)
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281 KB JPG
shit's all fucked dude
>he accidentally put pink on the cup

what am amateur lol
Exposure (especially looking at the table) is a bit too high. Shading and IOR on the donut is hella flat. Use white sprinkles for contrast. Table is pretty weird looking and theres not much spatial reference (no objects in background / obvious walls).
Real talk, if you struggle a little bit with the modelling portion should you just fucking give up? I was told this is the easiest shit amongst the easiest shit, and I'm a little nervous because modelling the mug took a little longer than I feel like it should've. I have no idea what to expect from myself.
File: 1.png (3.16 MB, 1920x1080)
3.16 MB
3.16 MB PNG
im with you OP, 2 days in, just finished the beginner playlist
im about to begin the modeling playlist
File: 2.png (473 KB, 1920x1080)
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473 KB PNG
i made this just after the donut for fun in like 20mn
maybe 30 for fine tuning the lightning etc for the render
File: texture.png (85 KB, 770x487)
85 KB
i think something is wrong the handle of your mug
the rest seems fine... is the interior of your donut toping ok like the exterior?

i had to completely remake my donut because i fucked the icing effect the first time
i also cheated for the plate and waited for him to show his solution before doing mine, i was doodling instead of doing the homework

also just before rendering the scene after the end of the playlist i realised i had duplicate of my mug (x2 mugs at the same place fucking it appearance) and x2 table plane, idk why

i advice getting rid of un-used materials and cleaning everything once you're done like layers etc

i had to watch some of the vids two times and do the donut twice so don't worry

also another tip could be to make a clean blender folder with sub folders like
>shorcut pdf


oh yeah and doing capture if you're tired and need a ref without going back in the video like pic related

keep posting your progress
i can't stand this shit. stop making these plastic doughnuts.

do something original and cool
File: soldier.png (205 KB, 634x876)
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205 KB PNG
i just made this
also halfway through the anvil
File: anvil.png (78 KB, 992x782)
78 KB
why so many donuts and no anvils?
do people just give up after the donut?
come on, when you never touched a 3d software before, you need to learn
kind of pointless to doodle aimlessly just to get stuck on something because you know only half of the software possibilities
The anvil is significantly less fun
>cup on left side
what kind of mongrel places his drink in such an inconvenient spot?
unrealistic, 0/10
What are you 200 years old?

I'd really like to see someone push the upper boundaries of blender and place a donut on an anvil.
It's been done. Lurk moar. Now, an anvil on top of a donut... that would surely push the boundaries of Blender art.
>the left side
File: spanvil.png (603 KB, 1904x1022)
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603 KB PNG
i got distracted....
File: aa.png (83 KB, 1904x1022)
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aaaaaaaaand i got distracted again

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