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modelling beginner
i have basic knowledge of modelling and 100 hours experience in blender, id love some advice how to start a model, i know about the pic reference thing.
>inb4 its ugly
i know, thats why i ask for help
File: halftrack 3_4.png (1.33 MB, 2844x2138)
1.33 MB
1.33 MB PNG
op here
Start lower poly and download and study some anime models if that's what you are going for.
study anatomy
study drawing
start smaller projects you can finish in one sitting given your ability
follow tutorials
yessir, i actually got a good grasp of drawing and anatomy since i am a monster fucker UwU
I don't know what to say to that. Just keep studying.
Well it's ugly because it's like 10% done. Finish the wireframe, then start sculpting it to look better. Just keep working at it from different angles, checking references.

Your eyes are flat, eyes should not look flat. The face is also flat, it looks like a flat face on a round head. Just pull all that shit back, make it smooth. What are those holes under the mouth? Work on the lips, sharpen them. The eyelids also look weird, maybe that's just anime style but usually they're circular.
okay, its my first time working with that so i expect no quality
>make a sculpt
>retopo it
You're trying to apply hard surface modelling to something that's organic, that's just dumb.
i dun even kno what i am doing senpai
File: face.jpg (81 KB, 819x407)
81 KB
I'm in the same boat as you OP you're not alone. I am slowly getting better but just keep modelling and failing and slowly and surely we will both make it one day. Pic is my progression from absolute dogshit to somewhat less dogshit
use cycles render.
blender internal looks like complete and utter SHIT.
>2nd face is from Daniel Kreuter's tutorial
my brothaaaaa
the first 2 faces are from his tutorials and as you can see they are total trainwrecks

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