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Good or bad?
Some people I worked with say is quite good, because you get easy tools for animation.
The thing is that is a little difficult to get used to the interface.
I heard that you can also rig your characters, but I might be wrong.
it indeed dose have rigging
It's really good for both rigging, skinning and animating. Oriented for indie game dev.

Still waiting for blend shapes
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>putting effort in learning the special and non-standard workflow of some obscure software that is not open source
>software is good, becomes popular
>big software company buys it out
>lets said software fucking DIE

It is all so tiresome and I'm sick of it.
Not doing it again with this one. You know it will happen again.
>incorporate what makes that software stand out into their own
>ceases development on the one they bought
it's so fucking disgusting and it keeps happening.
instead of selling out they could have gotten other jobs and kept developing. They brought it upon themselves
but I don't think Akeytsu can do anything that you wouldn't be able to already do in Maya. It's just that it's really easy and quick to use, and is not subscription based.
Does anyone know when the next version with blend shapes is out?
Mid 2019 in version 2.
I'd go for it if it had a Linux version, but since this is Japanese were lucky its not a playstation exclusive I guess.

If you can avoid single OS software, you never know what future will bring.
that is so far away, I guess I will need to look into making facial bones for the time being.

Any good tutorials that would translate to Akeytsu for that?
It's french lmao

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