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exluding the music, what does /3/ think about this video ?

I like it, but I have always enjoyed NPR characters or objects in a realistic environment.
The the glow in the dark paint on that girls mask is a cool idea too.
Damn, that is really well done NPR. They barely even look like 3D objects. Would love to see some kind of tech breakdown, because that is crazy good toon shading.
the aesthetics on this shit
western animation is doomed
>crazy good toon shading
That's not toon shading.
Just looks like hand-painted textures on models to me. If you look at them closely, the shadows don't move with the movement. The speculars and stuff do though.
Probably it's just a diffuse shader with hand drawn shadows/colors, with some specular on top for the highlights. MAAYYBE some SSS thrown in there too for good measure. Looks similar to shading you'd see in a game engine. Odds are the whole video was made in one.
It's literally made for league of legends and deliberately imitates that style.
non photo-realistic rendering
Great texture work on characters and nice composite work ... but
The models look like shit, the hips look like they were made by a child, the renders are inconsistent as fuck, characters are mostly ambient light shaded with very little specularity and fake outline lighting, but the locations are realistic?
Also hand painted effects stand out too much

Its pretty, but tech wise when it comes to 3d im not impressed

Unrelated but song is ok, shame for the gook bits
No, there definitely is some toon shading going on. The base is definitely a highly-stylised handpaint, but you can see highlights and shadows move with it. See the scene they used for the thumbnail, there's dynamic shadows on hair colliding against the shoulder. Plus, the posterised nature of the specular is already indicative of cel-shading.
Pretty damn good. Song ain't that bad either.
agree about the models probably because those are the same models they are gonna throw ingame and maybe they didn't want to make separate ones just for the vid
Those models are not even remotely going to be the ones used in game. Do you seriously think they can use the same models designed to hold up in tight close-ups in a pre-rendered cutscene as they use for real-time rendering only viewed at a distance?
Song isn't anything special, but the animation and 3d is pretty dope.

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