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New to the board,
I decided to take on 3D modelling,

Rather than shill udemy/skillshare/coursera I’ve opted for free tutorials.
Found blendergurus introduction.

Rate my donut/10?

What free tutorial series are good for blender?
Would you recommend blender?
I want to get to the point of 3D modelling fantasy architecture.
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>taking a picture of the screen
>Rate my donut/10?
give that its an andrew doughnut id say 3/10. but that's expected of someone that never used blender before.

>What free tutorial series are good for blender?
>Would you recommend blender?
>I want to get to the point of 3D modelling fantasy architecture.
like what?
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I’m using my phone for 4chan and my computer for other shit.
I gotta shitpost on-the-go.

And 3D fantasy architecture assets

Castles, medival shops like blacksmiths Talors etc, peasant hovels,

I plan to make my own Normal mapped textures,

Ground up modeling,
Just because I find it interesting.
cgcookie has a lot of good stuff on their youtube. you can find a lot of their "out of date" courses in the playlists
Is the out of date stuff by cgcookie even useful with the UI changes/different functionality?
I mean if I can still follow along with an updated version of blender then it should be good rite

I would imagine a lot of the same principles applied in blender would be translatable to 3ds max or maya right?
I’m just more comfortable starting with blender just to get the fundamentals,

Any good extrusion guides / architecture?
Anybody mess with cityengine?
Just find something you want to learn how to do, grab a couple of videos watch how people do things then try the techniques for yourself.

> I want to get to the point of 3D modelling fantasy architecture.

Learn some drawing on the side as well my guy, drawing will teach you composition and design, plus it will help build a visual library which you will need if you don`t want your 3D architecture to look like generic fantasy stuff.
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New myself... Am I doing this right?
Their YouTube channel has a really great playlist on human anatomy. The presenter, Doris, even speaks in a soothing voice which gives it an ASMR feel.

These are the only videos I've watched on their YouTube channel tho. I mostly browse stuff on their website. But there are some resources on creature modeling and other stuff on their YouTube too. These are mostly "classical" sculpting techniques, so they don't depend on app version to be of use.

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