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Is Adobe Fuse CC or Adobe Dimension CC better for modeling for 3D printing? What is the difference?

I already pay for the CC suite so I'm hoping those are on par or better than the stuff in the sticky:
>3DS Max
>Cinema 4D
>Softimage XSI
>Blender 3D (Free!)

Which software should I start playing with?
Just try blender for ten minutes, you'll know if you'll like it or not
There is largely no difference in 3D software, some 3d software is different in how you create things; 3dsmax Vs Houdini. But anyone can switch between programs and still have the same transferable skills.
>better for modeling
Heck no.

>better for modeling for 3D printing
Fusion 360. There's a startup/indie license for it, which lets you use it for commercial purposes at no cost.
I don't. Like you seriously can't just browse for file to import you have to go find your model and determine which extension it is, select that and then open?

Fusion 360 looks good, it's inscrutable though. I used to teach AutoCAD 14 (pre 2000) and I can't make heads or tales of this- just rotating an existing model and scaling it on the plane took ages then I couldn't figure out how to even look at it properly.

The built in tutorials have almost zero info about actually working and they're at such a snails pace I can't bear to look for information in them. Is there a tutorial of the sort where the guy is just "I'm go here and make a hexagon, I'm going to choose this and extrude, type in this value. Now add a chamfered edge." like basic shit but not so basic as "this is how you open a file" but something I can follow and learn?

God damn, it make me feel stupid, I've been doing graphic design for 20 years and I can barely make heads or tails of the interface.
video tutorials are a mistake. youtuber shits make an hour-long unedited video filled with ums and has when they could have just showed you with decent captions in 5 minutes.

>Fusion 360
Use the ViewCube in the top-right corner. Standard on all Autodesk products.

Seriously dude just click buttons to see what they do. Make a sketch on a plane, draw some shit, extrude it, get on with your life
You can open this example file of a bike pedal in fusion 360 and go through the history.
It might not be the most ````optimal''''' way to design something in Fusion 360, but it's one hell of a lot better than the absolute STATE you're in.
>pays for Adobe shit

What a fucking mong.
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heres some real shit, if your doing anything more than dicking around with simple trash
its the only real way to get complex joints in figurines and manipulate ultra high detail models. Read this sexy blog and watch his livestream of the entire process if you need to be convinced https://polysculpt.com/en/articles/making-of-2b-from-nierautomata/
it fixes everything easy and cuts watertight meshes. No other program can do this. I use it to OPEN files with more than 6 million polygons, and cut them into smaller sections for printing
Almost all of your 3d print quality problems happen in slicing, s3d the only slicer that doesnt suck in high poly models
This is a better option than zbrush for making very complex abstract models but it is poorly suited for making characters and takes a much longer time to get good at.
What you really DONT want to be doing is sitting around pulling points. Most of the programs you listed are identical and more focused on rendering for movies. 3D printing is uniquely difficult because you can't use low polygon tricks when your printing but thankfully quads don't matter.
>im confused
sculpt in zbrush until you're good at that and then worry about how to print
Pay? Linux and free apps better. GL noob

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