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How hard / easy is it to script Blender with python compared to Maya to create an autorigger?
something like this?
how to create something like that lad
Or blenrig.
If you want a system, you can extend, get into the guts of rigify, you can add new recipes for it trough python.
All the code is there on github, just take a look if you want to do quadrupeds or improve that ...
The Blender Python API is fine. The biggest problem with it compared to Maya is lack of extensive documentation. Something that is a bit less relevant is the fact the UI is relatively untouchable by scripting. (Maya just using Qt so you can write whatever kind of GUI application you want with Python)

The problem with creating an autorigger in Blender is more about Blender's fundamentally limited rigging capacities than about the Python scripting side of things. You should put this project off until Blender finishes the node-based core rewrite, because it's not really possible to do better than Autorig Pro with the tools Blender has. If you spend 18 months learning rigging in Maya and then come back to Blender when they have rewritten the rigging pipeline you will be in a better position to make money with a new pro rigging tool.
If he spends 18 months learning rigging in Maya, why should he come back to Blender?
Makes no sense at all.
It's a better platform to learn on. If you get good at rigging then come back to Blender at the right time you could strategically capture the market for a high quality rigging tool. I'm not saying make it your job but there's probably 100-250 grand to be made in the not too distant future if you make that your side hustle and you're good (sales $ spread over a few years)
Clarify: I mean Maya is a better platform to learn on because you learn from the best, Blender is more of a potential market opportunity because there's nothing out there. Trying to compete with Advanced Skeleton is dumb but you could compete with Autorig Pro pretty easily.
The way Autorig Pro works is it loads one of a few basic .blend templates and then nudges the joints around to fit your target skeleton. There's no procedural rig building step. However it is true that when you have a copy of ARP you can read the source code. The Github version is far behind the official version.
>There's no procedural rig building step.
you go through a procedure of fitting the bones to your mesh dude

>Trying to compete with Advanced Skeleton is dumb but you could compete with Autorig Pro pretty easily.
autorig pro is shit and laughably non-free
>How hard / easy is it to script Blender with python...
I really have to imagine that it all depends how good you are at Python. The good thing is that if you haven't learned Python, it's VERY easy to learn.
>laughably non-free
Like seriously, I do not want to spend nearly 40 bucks on a fucking addon.

Why do these people insist on doing this sort of thing in the first place? It's rucking fetarded and needs to stop. There needs to be a cap for all plugins and addons for all programs if you ask me.
Someone should set up a group buy, get all those add-ons, strip them out of any content not licensed under the GPL, and share them on GitHub.

Bonus points if they start a fork of Blender and integrate the best from those plug-ins into it. Who knows, perhaps this could snowball into attracting more devs to the fork and improving it beyond what the original plug-in authors could do.
Blender has a pretty neat autorigger already. But it should be breddy easy if you kno python.
>Blender has a pretty neat autorigger already.
not really, no where near pro

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