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hey guys, this is my first time stopping in on this board, so please pardon me if this is a dumb question

I'm starting up on some hobbyist art projects. Because this is just a hobby, and I'm trying to do some fun creative things, not make money, I'm desperately trying to do this all for free.
Originally I wanted to create some 3d orgies, but I found that finding sex animations(to be put in rigged models and what not) to be incredibly difficult. They arent allowed to be on most online collections of 3d models that I normally look around on. And finding where to get this stuff that doesnt look like absolute garbage or cost an exuberant amount of money.

After giving up on finding good sex animations I decided I'd just try to find twerking animations, which I assumed was a little bit more safe, but turns out its probably just as hard to find. There is one on mixamo that seems decent, but id like a couple other if possible.

Now im looking for some high poly, nice quality, potentially just base meshes of girls and guys. Again I'm having a hard time finding things.

in short, where do I get nsfw animations? is there a specific place to look for nice high quality base meshes? and is this possible to do for free, or very little money?
>in short, where do I get nsfw animations?
Just make them yourself.

>is there a specific place to look for nice high quality base meshes?
DAZ Studio. Free for non-interactive use (renders).

>and is this possible to do for free, or very little money?
Yes. Just do it all by yourself. It doesn't cost much money, but it costs time.
OP if you are going to go through all the hassle of making sex animations for just a hobby then do something else
request sucks dude

>do it all by yourself
I've been doing this for too long. I'm getting so tired of doing everything by myself.
Ive been making 2d games for a long time, to do so I've spent months learning pixel art. I've spent months learning how to make music. I've spent years learning to code.
Now I'm venturing into 3d game development and Im done with that shit. I've already spent loads of time learning lighting, rendering, the intricacies of a new engine, how 3d graphics work, new coding languages. I'm tired of spending months and months with no results. I just want some fucking models and animations. Games are to much to make by yourself. I mean you can, but your wearing so many hats it starts to get absurd. Especially in 3d development.
My new art project isnt even a game by the way, but many of the same principals apply.

I appreciate the advice through, I'll check out DAZ
why would I give up? is it really that hard to get some twerking animations and high quality rigged base meshes?
it seems like it would be easy
>it seems like it would be easy
Yeah you pay for them. High quality models aren't something that just gets shared around.

Generally, 3d artists don't pick from a repository of models and animations and just throw things together like Gmod or something. It's all done by yourself. Unless you're working for a studio and have a library of that shit.

There's some places online that have mocap data for free, and some places that sell it. Though I don't think you're gonna find something as meme-ey as twerking.
If you really don't wanna learn how to animate, just set up your own mocap solution with a Kinect or something, or stick some ping-pong balls onto a morphsuit. Then act out all of your sexual fantasies and clean them up yourself. Throw them on some DAZ models, and you'll have all the porn you could ever want.

If you don't want to expend the minimal amount of effort to do anything, and you just want to play with virtual dolls fucking each other, play Skyrim or the Sims with lewd mods.
There's literally no way to get what you want without either making it yourself or paying someone else to make it for you. And I read what you said about making it yourself, and all I have to say to that is welcome to 3D. It's a painful, time-consuming dare-I-say masochistic hobby, because of how slow things can go with it. If you wanted models, then you should have learned how to make those from the start. Too bad your realisation hit you a little too late.

>stick some ping-pong balls onto a morphsuit
Is this actually a viable mocap solution? I mean, I don't really know how mocap works, but that sounds kinda farcical (and at the same time plausible).
>boohoo I want things but I don't wanna work for them
You'll come crying back like the little bitches you are if there ever comes a time when you won't be physically able to work even if you wanted to. And you'll regret having been a lazy fuck.
If you spent the same time you spend trying to find new ways to steal assets and work as little as possible actually working and improving, you would already be able to do your own things.
Either man up, fork over money to someone to do the work for you, or fuck off.
>Is this actually a viable mocap solution?
There's a bit more to it than that but that's the gist of it. Set up a few cameras to get multiple angles, and then track the points.
It's not a "one and done" solution, as you don't just plug it in and work (depending on the program). There's also a fair bit of cleaning up to do.
There's a reason not everyone uses it though, as you need a bit of space, and the results usually aren't as good as if you actually bothered to learn how to animate.

But hey, if you want to dress up in a full spandex bodysuit covered in balls, and pretend to get fucked, by all means do it. I'm *sureee* it's less work than actually learning how to do things the proper way.

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