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I love the style in this trailer and really would like to emulate it, any idea how I would go about it?
It seems to be made with 3D models and a pixelated filter or setting after but, I'd be lying if I said I have any experience or knowledge with the subject.
Your usual NPR, use a vivid palette, render at a low resolution without AA. Upscale in post without any scaling filter so things look sharp. Wa la.
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Thanks I guess I'll look at the sticky for the terminology and programs.
Wish me luck.
It's just a question of BSID over nfo/vsfx BoP. If you're good you can use a TLO to SSX 3x and then basically you're done (if you remember to compensate for HBP-like SSR OVR 6).

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I would pay you to speak english.
I have zero experiance with 3D rendering at all, just a curious anon who thought i might pick it up.
Reminds me of this https://vimeo.com/174927295
Thanks for leading me to this!
>>647890's just fuckin' with ya.
NPR = Non-Photorealistic Rendering. You're really looking for toon shading though, which is a subset of NPR. In short, it cel-shades your models.
AA = anti-aliasing. General graphics term. Common in games and pretty much all raster graphics, a way to remove jaggies and make things look smooth.
Scaling filter's also a graphics term. Basically how pixels interpolate when an image is made larger/smaller. Linear, cubic, bicubic, lanczos, etc. are all examples of scaling filters.
thanks anon, feels good to know what I'm reading.

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