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Good day /3/ I need help learning how to create a facial rig, so I make my character do cool facial expressions. Anyone know some good Maya or Blender tutorials that go over creating rigs for characters' faces and body parts. I want to GET GUD and stop living in my college dorm. Please help!!!
What is your motivation?
Start with this:

It is the most solid rigging tutorial you can get for free (and even better than most paid ones)

Rigging face is going to be a bit trickier.

Check this out for some eye lid rigging technique.
You can apply that to lips then as well. The rest of the face will come naturally from the experience you gain during these.
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Thank you anon!!! I knew i could find help here.
Can I apply this to blender?
Blender's rigging tools are absolute objective fucking garbage. Don't waste your time.
In theory yes, but you'd need to find the equivalent tools over there.
This. Or create them. Most probably, create them. That's the power of Blender in particular and libre software on general. Studios are beginning to see this and use it to their advantage.
You Can create pretty much any tool in most software's which is what companies have been doing since for ever.
>rigging thread
>nobody mentioned cult of rig
>rigging tools

lol rigging is one of the easiest processes in 3D period. you have to be a real dummy to struggle with it.
i can't count the number of times where people asked me for an autorig software.
>Muh muh im a pro rigger so everyone else must be one too...
I dont get it.
you just extrude bones and paint the character. there is nothing "horrifying" about it.
Haha based on that explanation your rigs must be quite mediocre.
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>lol rigging is one of the easiest processes in 3D period
quality one

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