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I enjoy working with 3D, I really enjoy being creative and an artist.

But since a few years ago this is really getting depressing. Shitty salaries, studios asking for 15+ software programs which they don't even know how to use and what they are used for, ridiculous deadlines, endless work shifts and so on.

I worked in a few architecture studios and, the most famous ones are always the worst. Im talking about 12+ hours per day 7 days week among other things.

Im forced to leave my country and look for another job in Europe, or even abroad. Im currently considering moving to Asia or Australia.
I know everyone in /3/ earns 6 digits but, what are your opinions on the market? On our future? Do you think CG is one of the works you need to keep studying for the rest of your life but resulting in a little reward?

Not going to start a patreon or sfm porn.
I kinda got used to the thought of doing art not to make a living but as a hobby, something that keeps you going.
Right now, if all you can do is modeling generic stuff your job is already gone because all that stuff gets outsourced to low wage countries.
If you're not talented enough to rise up as a really popular artist, you will have a more and more hard time to make dosh with this.
So yeah, find a way to git REALLY gud or find other ways to make a living. The job landscape has always been changing and evolving, this is part of it.
what kind of certifications do you have?
If you wanted a career you chose the wrong discipline. 3D artists are worthless expendable peons who are lucky to even eat food.
>Not going to start a patreon or sfm porn.

Ah nevermimnd then..

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