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I want to learn animation, I love it and would like to work in the field someday (even 10 years from now is ok). Do I need to learn rigging, modeling, texturing, sculpting etc. too or do I need to only focalize on animating? Do you know good free resources that I can use to learn (btw I downloaded Maya)?
If you want to focus just in animation then you don't need to worry about anything else.
but if you want to make everything by your own then you will have to learn how to make all the process.
If your goal is just animate then download a rigged character from turbosquid and follow any tutorial on youtube or 3D total.
I suggest downloading a video player that allows you to watch by frames and practice the basics with videos of someone doing a simple action, I use djv view.
Remember that the rules of animation are always the same in any tutorial you watch, so it doesn't matter wich tutorial to follow, you are the only one responsible for the quality of your animations.

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