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Create a Cycles node setup that depending on camera angle makes the vertex group the camera is focused on disappear but shows more and more of it the more the surface normals are pointing away from the cam.
Pretty much like a fresnel effect but for transparency instead of specularity.
Yeah, you gave the solution. Make a Fresnel-like shader, then use its output to drive opacity.
Didn't want to work the first time I tried, hence I wondered about a different solution
could probably pull something like this off using the Layer Weight node
Can confirm, fresnel and layer weight outputs work but for bugs me, it doesn't work for hair particles.
For example you could save a fuckton of render time when hair/fur only is shown around the object and straight on the texture just fakes the fur. If your fur texture is nicely done you could get away with only the "contours" being fluffed up. Still better than hard contours on something that is supposed to be fluffy like the OP dog
i dont know anything about making nodes.

it seems like you have to know how to program in order to understand this shit. are all of you who know this programers as well?
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>it seems like you have to know how to program in order to understand this shit.
Just curious, why are you on /3/ when 3D is obviously not your thing?
i just dont know how to use nodes it looks like math shit
Your computer you're using right now is based on math shit

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