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this is my first time doing 3D here is my model, dont know where to go from here now.
>dont know where to go from here now
How about the Burger King application section
I'd know those tits anywhere.
I am also a blender fan... kinda, i use 3ds max anyway. But, to the point, how can u assume blender is good after your propably 1st ever project in 3D?

attach the head, make hand and foot nubs, then sculpt the deets.

Retopo when finished, then rig and texture.
>dont know where to go from here now.
Tutorials, books, videos, lessons, etc.

"I don't know where to go from here" = "I lack fundamental skills and have significant gaps in basic understanding, knowledge, and experience"

That's not some sort of slam or slight or disparagement of your character; that's just a fact of being a beginner. One you might not even realize is the case because you probably feel like you've already learned a lot (and you have) but there's a lot more to learn and then even more to learn after that.
It's good to apply what you've learned, and there's some use in trying to figure things out on your own, but it's really a waste to try and reinvent the wheel.

Keep it up anon
yeah i still gotta learn the retopo and rigging and texturing. just trying to learn faster ways to use them vertices and other 3d edit stuff.
yeah been drawing for 5 years and applied all my drawing know hows to 3d. just started to learn 3d last week, i still have a lot to learn about blender and what not, just gonna take some time.
Nah, screw the vertices. Nobody block models anymore.

Just subdiv it once or twice then sculpt that shit.

Retopo is not easy, reason being there's no right way to do it and there're many wrong ways to do it. You gotta experiment and shit. Danny Mac is a dude on youtube that teaches the art of retopo.

You can get an awesome retopology addon called retopoflow. That shit has my recommendation.
>Nah, screw the vertices. Nobody block models anymore.
Bad advice. Hard surface is much easier with box modeling, blocking out simple shapes is much easier with block modeling, and there are many static objects / props / accessories / etc that are much easier and faster to block model.

If you aren't using block modeling at least some of the time, it's because you're only able to do things in Zbrush. You might be "fast enough" to get it done that way because you've developed a coping method to work around your lack of ability to box model, but ultimately you'd be faster, better, and have more control if you were a bit better at box modeling.

That's not a criticism of your character or your skill or something, it's just a fact: box modeling is still a useful skill to have, just like it's useful to have some understanding of photography, and and some understanding of animation, and some understanding of bone and how muscles work and how the interaction between anatomical systems informs the shape or features of something.
Start over, and use image plane references.

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