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I have been trying to find out why there seem to be a huge difference in animation between two anime.
The two anime in question are Etotama and Houseki no Kuni:

It feels to me that Etotama never crosses that "uncanny valley" while HnK has that sometimes. Some differences I have noticed:
1. Etotama changes the lighting of the characters according to environment while HnK characters have the same light color most of the time.
2. There are additional passes to draw over lines in Etotama while HnK rarely does the same.
3. Frames in Etotama is constantly jittery while HnK switches between jitter and smooth interpolation.
4. I think this is the most important and possibly the hardest to find out? It feels to me that Etotama is step-framing every frame, i.e. not using any interpolation and keyframing every frame while HnK interpolates the animation and reduces the animation to 12fps

Both look like shit shows and I have watched neither but goddamn the japs got their 3d animation down pretty good
>it's another npr thread on /3/
what's up with this place and npr i swear to god you guys are fervently obsessed with this

>yeah, be a real weeb and traditionally animate your shit!

In short: different studios do things differently.
There's a lot of different techniques used in NPR, dedicated shaders, manipulated normals, pure post-processing effects, you name it and it's probably been explored.
It's weird that you say Etotama doesn't cross that "uncanny valley" because in those clips you posted, to me, it does much worse compared to HnK. There's a lot of frames in Etotama where it clearly looks 3D, while in HnK most of the frames can pass as 2D (ignoring the fancy hair iridescence shaders and all). Of course, that has to do another part of NPR: correcting for "manga" perspective. It's hard to do realistic perspective in 2D art, hence it's typically "flattened" compared to if it was proper 3D. This is where a lot of NPR usually falls apart, because studios don't properly grasp this effect.
Not an animator myself, so I can't say much about the motion aspect of it, but it looks like both use interpolation and step it down where necessary. Neither really have that traditional on-twos motion.
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The Etotama layouts were drawn by traditional 2D animators (I think), they're using a bit of interpolation for minor stuff like hair and particles or slow-mo sequences but a pretty stiff pose-to-pose animation for the rest. They're also using other traditional tricks like smears and stuff. I think the choice to use a simpler style also worked to their advantage.
I don't remember it being as choppy as the link you posted, though.

You should try watching Houseki no Kuni, it's really good. Avoid Etotama if you hate cute girls doing cute things.
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Here's that scene animated
File: 1535272240358.webm (2.85 MB, 852x480)
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2.85 MB WEBM
And finally I should mention that the 3D scenes in Etotama are pretty short while the rest is traditional and rather low budget 2D animation so they probably put most of their budget in the fights. On the other hand HnK is full-3D so there are parts where the character animations looks really awkward.
Because 3D's ultimately more efficient. Assets are readily reusable meaning consistency is incredibly easy to maintain, and you don't have to redraw every single frame.
Eh, it's a shame the industry prioritises spending the least time and money over getting the best quality possible.

Its doesn't cross uncanny valley because it doesn't try to be 2d. Etotama does stylistic 3d extremely well
Aesthetic is learned. You grew up with all of the disgusting faults, flaws, and cheap tricks of 2D so to your mind they look "good" and "natural" and when you see properly perfectly rendered perspectives and lighting you think it looks "bad" or "uncanny".
That's the simple truth of it, and the reason the few shows or video games (such as Guilty Gear Xrd) look "good" is because they emulate the cheap tricks and partial orthographic effect from the 2D artist accidentally drawing details that wouldn't be visible (an effect achieved in Xrd by bending and deforming the model while being viewed by the camera but angled so that you can't see the pinching or strange deformation).

Please understand that everything you think you know about taste, style, right, or wrong, are all completely arbitrary and capricious.
If you have such a hateboner for 3D, what are you even doing on /3/? HnK and Etotama look amazing as far as television anime go. It would be one thing if it was shitty MMD cutscenes or gaudy CGI mechs, but there was literally nothing wrong with what was posted.
Because "full traditional 2D animation" at that budget would be korean sweatshop QUALITY of the level of toei animation.
While we're on the subject are there any good guides for NPR that aren't basic cel shading? Anything would help though really.
both look great, particularly when compared with that cheap, bland, ugly western contemporary style
Why were a bunch of posts on this thread deleted? What secrets were revealed by them?
I mean, you can see for yourself what was deleted. It's just one guy, so either he backpedalled or the mods deleted every post he made after banning him.
>>646776 was an anon telling OP to stop mimicking 2D and being a shitty weeb, hence the response from that other anon.
Other deleted posts was likely the same anon going "this 3D shit looks like trash why would you want to do this".

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