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Ok so not sure where this goes but looking for some help on this.
Wanting to do a Lorian build, Artorias, and Soul of cinder along with a slew of other dank souls characters.
Been trying to rip the 3d models from DS3 and it just won't open and gimme those models so I can hack n chop them up and make them wearable armour since I'm shit and highly inexperienced in 3d modelling.
Any help /cgl/ ?
Getting things from modding communities is going to be your best bet
OP here
I tried that man and so far its just retextures
no models or anything of that nature my dude
check facepunch.. Some googling is too difficult?
oh and btw if you want to use that for 3d printing you're gonna need a bit more than 'highly inexperienced' game models are far from 3d printing-viable files or resolution for that matter and come triangulized.
It's easier to make a 3d print file from scratch than to use a pre-existing game model, other than for reference.
did googling
didnt see anything with facepunch on it
I'll check it out though
Just did a quick search on facepunch
they have jack shit on dark souls 3
make a thread then
figured to ask here first since someone usually has something obscure about the place
you are in luck my dud. I have bloodborne tools.
they can open and extract DS3\DS2 stuff too:
you will need games themselves(obviously).
Tokami Fuko on deviantart has some Souls models ripped, Lorian is there for sure, not sure about the other models.
It's not easy making 3d-ready files with ripped models. They are usually low-poly and details are left to only be visible through the textures
I meant me as highly inexperienced lol
but I figured as much :/
will report back with results!
thanks man!

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