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I want to learn how to "rip" character animations from games to open in Blender and use as references for animations.

Any guides for that?
There is no "one" tutorial that covers anything. Actually there is no tutorial that even covers a reasonable fragment of what you're asking. You have to navigate to and decompress/decrypt the data files yourself.

If you have no knowledge or intention of learning programming and reverse engineering, you might as well use 3rd party software.
It depends on on the engine that was used for the game. If it was a proprietary engine it's probably very hard or impossible to do, unless it's a Blizzard or Bethesda game because their proprietary formats are easily readable.

If it was made with some unreal engine or shit like that there are some third party tools that can do that, same if it was made on unity.

You're better off just doing some research and finding out which engine the game you want to rip uses and then look for the tools. If the game has the slightest modding capabilities most probably someone already has a ripper or a file explorer for the game.
I was just doing that exact same thing you want to do, with Nioh and MHFU. Here's what I did. Stripped main char of clothes and loaded dojo mission. Start up dxtory, adjust ingame camera to the side/back. Start record footage, do couple of attacks, stop record. Extracted frames I want from video, then batch crop of images to the size and position I want. Load those images into blender using addon for importing batch of images as planes (cant remember the name of addon since I'm off the pc and phoneposting) . Select all imported images (planes) and rotate/move/resize them accordingly. There are couple of problems with this: you wont have orthographic view so captured animation will have a bit of perpective to it. Second camera will wobble a bit depending on the move (see dash move). I could post more about this buy only in like 6-7 days
1. be an elite hacker
2. use cheat engine to find the skeleton data and key frames
Having written logic to store/compress/obfuscate game assets, I'm amazed that anyone can do that.
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to continue on my post here's the result. Back view of overhead strike with spear, frame by frame.
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>find the skeleton data
NinjaRipper can do it, but I believe I've mostly seen it used on older games

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