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Can anyone help me ?
im going nuts trying to find the following series, i cant even anywhere to buy them

Maya Techniques | SuperToon I series & II

seriously i dont know where else to go, all my private trackers have no seeds and nobody seems to have them
bump for interest
i had them before, they are the best ive ever watched on the subject
i dont really like the new aproach that people have when it comes to squash and stretch and this series has left an impression on my soul and thats why im searching for it

they are great. i saw a part of it out for 100 ,
each series has 3 parts , i dont understand why they cost so much
a nothingburger ?

doesnt anyone know any obscure sites where we can find this ?
I've honestly been looking all over for some good videos on character animation techniques.
Everything I've found on Youtube is just tutorials for absolute beginners in a program that just go "hey, this is how you move bones around" and just end up with a shitty walk cycle that looks horrible. I want to learn how to animate shit with it all looking fluid and natural. It doesn't really matter about programs as it all boils down to the same thing anyway.
I just don't really know where to get started or where to find quality material or even what to search. I used to do 2d animation and stuff, but the skills don't quite transfer over to 3d as well as I'd hoped. Everything is just turns out robotic. I realize it's a lot of practice and work, but I just want to know the right workflow for shit like this.
File: link.png (4 KB, 407x24)
4 KB
I looked around and found some links on baidu, but I can't actually check them since I don't have an account and all no-sign-in methods of downloading are down right now apparently. Does anyone have an account?
I was just looking for recommendations of stuff on >>647387 I don't really care about OP's video. Deal with it.
I just figured I'd post somewhere more relevant because I asked in the questions thread and no one answered.
I thought someone might know something at least.

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