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i started recently with 3ds max from scratch with no prior modelling experience. someone here recommended me to start with Tim Bergholz's tutorials. the basic tutorial he made was great but most of his paid ones seem to be dead for torrenting. the free ones on his yt are a little bit rushed and fast for a complete beginner like me.
do you guys know any other good /3/d instructor who makes professional tutorials (preferably paid ones) with comprehensive workflow. most online courses websites seem to give me a shitton of tutorials but since i'm a complete toddler i can't decide which one is suitable for me to stick with and i don't wanna keep switching between courses and feel like am walking in a blocked road in the end.
cgpeers can help
A lot of websites provide you with learning paths suited for beginner, intermediate and advanced skill levels, go with Pluralsight's Introduction to 3ds Max 2017, 2018, whatever. It will introduce you to all aspects to 3D and will do it in a slow and relaxed fashion, also doesn't matter if you only like modeling - something rather unrelated like rigging is useful to know a little bit of as well. If Tim's tutorials seem rushed, I'd recommend getting your hands on his AKM one, he spends +40 minutes explaining every function + tool he uses in his workflow and helps you setting it up. Don't rush it and expect quick results, take your time.
>no mention of Arrimus
Niggas what you doing
Tim's free tutorials are not as detailed and explained as the paid ones. i checked the grenade tutorial and noticed how fast paced it was. am planning on getting that AKM tutorial but it's gonna take a lot of time because of dead torrent and super slow direct servers.
>no mention of Arrimus
yeah someone in other thread recommended him to me. will check him out

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