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Is the solidworks certification actually worth it? Does it really improves your chances in getting a job or a better one?
in the solidworks world everything needs to be superprofessional and accurate so it can only help
I would assume so. General 3D is work is more about pure skill, like if you dropped out of school but can crank out top-tier models, you’ll still get hired anywhere for film or games work if you’ve got a solid portfolio.
CAD carries more responsibility because if you go into the engineering side of things, you need to be able to answer for anything that happens as a result of your work. Poorly-placed parts or insufficient structural integrity can put lives at risk if your design somehow squeezes past R&D, so certification of you knowing all the rules and standards is necessary.
My only experience with it was as an employee for a small start-up but the jist for us was that certifications were a prerequisite for purchasing additional plugins
>Buy Solidworks
>"Thanks for buying our product, in order to purchase our advanced physics sim plugin you will need to also purchase a certification course"
>Buy the Solidworks Certification course for ~$2000
>Essentially what you could learn in 4 youtube videos over the span of a week
>Send you a pdf to print out your certificate after completing the course
>Name is misspelt on it
>"Congratulations, Now you are allowed to purchase our plugins"
Forgot to add, they get really pissy when it comes to training materials not purchased from them.

>Boss buys official books off ebay sellers
>Told to hide the books whenever a Solidworks rep stops by
Just telling employers I have it usually seals the deal for me. A few times they didn't even need to see my work, they just saw the certification on my resume and that was pretty much it.

It's more for status than anything.
If you’re going into an engineering company? Probably. Going into a design and invention company? Examples of work you do in Solidworks is worth a ton more than certification. Extreme accuracy and careful feature planning doesn’t mean shit when the job you’re interviewing for is 90% ‘well that engineering solution didn’t work so your coworker chopped up your print and remodeled part of it with baking soda and super glue. Also the client wants the character to be a kitten now instead of a golden retriever, so please implement the new changes in the new model’

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