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Im getting those weird strokes on the model after I bake it in substance painter. I cant paint over them or cover them. Any suggestions how to fix this?
Probably got to do with UVs overlapping
Ive read somewhere that all the UVs should be always inside the UV space when exporting the model. What if the UVs dont fit the UV space, and scaling some of them would lead to having lower quality mapping on some places and higher quality on other places of the model? hope my question makes sense.

If your UVs aren't in the UV space then tiling occurs. Depends on the program/game whether the tiling will be flipped or just a regular repeat. If your scale's inconsistent, then your texture will just get stretched.
The question does make sense because it's completely rudimentary to uv unwrapping.
You'll want to have a decently sized uv map first of all.
Second, when you lay out your uv's, make sure they don't overlap unless you want both parts to have the exact same texture and also what >>646013 said.
Keep your uvs on one tile and scale them so the texels are evenly distributed. This is easily accomplished using a checker pattern material to test.
Thirdly, depending on what you're working with, multiple uv channels can be used OR udims which are multiple uv tiles.
I'm not 100 percent sure but I think substance supports udims.

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