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Can I get a job if I only make low poly game models?
Yeah, as long as it's good, I think so. Everyone is really speciallized this days.
Theres always some idiot indie dev with his parents money looking to create a new pretentious low poly walking simulator.
Bro there’s tons of people trying to make oldschool indie games, just make a website portfolio and go around showcasing what you can do. Freelance work is better than no work.
You have any idea how many idea guys there are out there who want to make low poly games? Just persuade them to offer an upfront price and boom! Job done.
Yes, but don't expect to be well paid, as you will be competing with a million Pajeets.
What about sculptors? I can sculpt decently, am I doomed?
I assume you also do texturing, and with that you can
File: 1375727906491.jpg (26 KB, 206x217)
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You can make a fat dime if you can retopo.
Most 3Dfaggots now do sculpting but they're too afraid of the technical side of things.
That's where retopo pro's come in and are needed.
Experience speaking here.
how can i do that ? i can do retopo since 10 years ago
i went into telemarketing and im trying to sleep with my neck on a knife so i dont make it until tomorrow
would appreciate some tips on how to make buck on retopo
Look around youtube or deviantart for guys who do lots of sculptings or sculpting work for money. Often they absolutely hate retopo. Just ask them if they need something who does that for them and there are always chances that you get a slice of their money or even half of it what they make.
You're so salty.

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