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alright, what would be the best software to get into the modding community, making skyrim mods or whatever. Bannerlord is coming and so is ESO6.

Dare I say, would blender be the best option?
whatever program that has the best plugins for importing the game specific files
It doesn't matter what you use, you're going to have to export to formats the game engine uses anyway.

If, for example, the addons / software / assorted community tools only work with blender (or max, or maya, or c4d) that doesn't mean you MUST work with only that software, it just means you'll need to be able to export to a format you can import into blender (or max or whatever) and then run the tools on.

Blender is nice though and a potential stepping stone into Maya or Max if you find yourself actually liking making 3d models
Both Blender and 3dsmax have a version that is compatible with niftools export plugin
For blender it's 2.78c
You'll basicly need every program niftools has made
You will need the oldrim version to make collision objects
You will need Outfit studio, not just for making armors but for exporting importing to nif and from nif in general
I can't advise you on a texturing program, someone else does that for me
If you want to make anything that isn't 3d, you can ask me on discord, I can hook you up with a modding server as well

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