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File: rat_modeling.png (631 KB, 1726x948)
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Bored 3D modeler here. What game prop should I model next?
Sleeper Simulant from Destiny
Are you sure you don't want /3/? And do you want to model /cgl/ things?
Yes, I'm sure. I'm looking for ideas on what to model next. They don't play games.
But this is a cosplay board, are you going to 3D print your work afterwards?
File: 20181007_090747.jpg (3.27 MB, 4032x3024)
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Your ass
Pretty sure you want to go to the gaming board then. CGL is not the place for you.
Model me a Kriss Vector gen 2 carbine with square barrel shroud so I can 3D print it!
This is super cool, OP. Do you model props? How did you get started?
What kind of printer do you have? That doesn't look blocky like most other prints.
I don't think anyone on /v is interested in making

In US you can prolly go out and buy it

I know Blender inside-out but I don't use the skill for anything. Once in a year I may model something out of boredom. Maybe I shouldn't call myself a 'modeler'. I saw this gun on Youtube so I decided to model one for myself. Not really into new games but can appreciate good art.

You don't want to know, it's very problematic. It's a cheap Wanhao D7 printer. It has broken down now beyond repair. It's very poorly built.
The print looks smooth because it's a resin printer. It's a projector with a UV light bulb inside. This was printed at 35 micron resolution using Monocure Rapid resin. I *do not* recommend this printer.
If you want to give stereolitography a try make sure you buy something with 100% reviews.

imo if you're gonna sink some time and energy into modelling something you might as well make your favorite weapon from your favorite vidya and not so much what someone on an anon board says to make.

If you want to sell models to cosplayers, KH3 and DMC 5 are coming out soon, both have pretty big fandoms so you should be able to get some bites. KH3 might be a mess though, Sora has like a bajillion keyblades and that's before you get to the other characters. Alternatively the Nier Automata fandom seems to be still going strong, if that stuff is more up your alley.

Or you could 3D print some cute bunny-shaped rings and hawk them to the jfashion anons.
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Anyone tried to build their own glove?

VR is useless without a hand controller. The first thing you do is wonder where your hands are

I'm not buying anything from these Manus-like overpriced startups. Probably even when you buy you can't read the sensors directly and the driver only works on Windows.

I think only the tips of fingers need to be tracked. The rest can be figured out with an IK (Inverse kinematics) rig in a 3D engine.
Also only the thumb, index finger and middle finger need to be tracked. The remaining 2 always follow the other ones anyway.

Last time I tried Leap Motion the Orion update was locked to Windows. By the Ubuntu forum posts it looks like it's available for Linux now.

This updated Orion driver should make a night and day difference.

But Leap is still very process intensive and needs to be tethered to the PC.
Idiot mod moved my thread, ignore it.
Why didn't you post it here in the first place?
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