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Hey /3/, first time posting here...

How do you texture your models and what programs do you use?

I'm came here looking for help regarding uvw mapping since that's what I'm currently struggling with.

I decided to texture this boi I made couple of months ago.
It has some rather complicated parts (at least for my level of experience in texturing).

I'd appreciate any tips, tutorials or guidelines from experienced modellers here.

Note that I DON'T have a drawing pad and I'm using 3ds max and Photoshop.

I recommend you to get a cheap chinese drawing tablet (Huion/Xp-pen) and pirate Substance painter.

That will also enable you to sculpt.
The latest Huions even have the pen tilt.
I figured a tabled would be suggested and recommended, I'll look into the prices, and I'll check out substance, ty.
>makes thread about texturing, uses untextured model as picture
I made very little progress, I aaid i'm just starting
Blender has everything you need BULIT IN for texturing. You can paint onto the model in 3D view. I never leave Blender to do anything, it's a swiss army knife.
it's yours? )))
Blood for the Blood god!! then..
it looks awesome!!
oh BTW I'd siggest to use Substance for texturing,,

you can do that in max and maya and cinema4d too (bsically every generalist package).. but you should be a fucking idiot to do it there, when we have 100x better solutions...

I get that you guys are masturbating to blender every night, but why are you telling people to limit themselves and make their work much much harder?
(BTW blender is awesome. but you guys are overdoing it waaaaay too much...)
Skulls for the Skull Throne, Brother!

I get that blender has that built-in, but as I don't have a tablet at the moment, I thought using uvw maps and then making textures in photoshop should be easier than painting in blender with a mouse, right?

I'll give it a shot tho.
Yikes, no. Blender's brushes are only good enough for handpainted shit. If you wanna get grungy and dirty you're gonna have to go the Substance route.
Anyway, seeing as your model is fairly complex, split it up into several UV maps/use a big ol UDIM. Gives you a lot more flexibility in terms of managing your islands and allows you to really increase the detail (at the cost of way more texture maps though). Doesn't look like you're going for a game model, so you could really just let an auto-unwrapper work its magic and then go wild in SP without caring too much about getting a nice UV layout. Of course, remember to get your scale consistent if the auto-unwrap ain't that good.
as I said, you should check out Substance Painter, it does not need tablet. and is fairly easy to use software., and there are free quality tutorials on their own youtube channel.,
in photoshop you should generate every map on your own(albeldo, glass ss, AO, etc...), this will do everyhing automatically, and you'll mostly spend time on creative side of things. everyone uses substance now.
her's small vodeo to showcase what it is..

PS. glad to see WH fan here )) I'm also huge fan.
I want to make either Abbadon or Ahriman. but allso want to make primarchs.. but I'll go craizy on detailing process.... when I start .detailing I literally can not get enough of it.
btw I made Gaunt fanart some time ago ))
I'll definitely check Substance Painter out!

Both of those would be fun to make, but yeah.. detailing can be a bitch if you're a perfectionist heh.

Gl if you decide to make them :)

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