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This is the current state of blender
It's Free software. If you really need it you can either
a) Implement it yourself
b) Pay someone to implement it (as an addon or as part of blender itself)
c) Open a feature request and hope a dev has enough time to implement it
What am I missing? The function is right there on the Transform panel at the object level.
Ok, disregard that -- I see the question is about a selection in edit mode.
>Expecting it to work like some other software package.

Press numpad 5 for ortographic view, press S for scale, X/Y/Z axis by pressing X, Y or X. It shows you dimensions in the corner of the window. If you want to you can set metric units instead of blender units.
I do that for the Y axis and it shows "Scale: 1.000 along Y", but the selection (just a face on the side of a cube) measures almost 3 cm on that dimension. How can I resize that selection to exactly 3 cm?
Toggle Z to see wireframe
Select all outer edges of the table
Scale it to roughly match one square on the grid
Shift + S -> Selection to grid (now your table is exactly one square i.e. 1 centimeter
S -> X -> 3 -> Enter
S -> Y ->3 Enter
Not rocket surgery.

If the table top is now off-center:
CTRL+I to inverse selection
Shift + S -> cursor to selection
Shift+S -> Selection to cursor
File: 2018-10-07_14-21-51.jpg (56 KB, 1144x837)
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That works, thanks. But I guess it's limited to a straightforward scenario, no?

How would one make the selected face 0.75x0.75 cm?
Well to be honest you have to be intelligent to use blender
File: BlenderSoyboi.jpg (135 KB, 960x960)
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Blendercels on suicide watch

That's not all, you should take a look at the unreal forums, there's at least a thread a day about blendlets who can't properly export their animations to the engine. Some of the threads have like 10 pages, 10 pages of clueless blendlets who can't achieve anything no matter the crazy workarounds and hacks they come up with.
Is this what the Blender Foundation really does? Implement eye-catching, but useless features, so Blender attracts only the lowbrow of the 3D community, in order to keep them trapped away from the professional world?

Well then, I'll stop mocking Blender from now on.
This software is for *artists*. It's written by people who use it. If you don't like how it works you can write an add-on in python or pay someone to do it.

Something tells me you're not trying to solve an actual problem just looking for a way troll Blender users.

ITT 1st world brainlets that can't problem solve. Wonder why software for artists doesn't work like some CNC crap for cutting planks.

Not feeding a troll
>Something tells me you're not trying to solve an actual problem just looking for a way troll Blender users.
Asking how to do in Blender what one used to do in Maya or 3ds is trolling? wew lad
>dude why don't you just fix this shitty software yourself
This is why no one likes blendlets
It's a troll answer for a troll thread. You'd have to be fucking retarded not to know how to turn on precision input mode (named "Advanced Mode") in Blender

Just press = or num*, it's right in the manual. You DID read the manual didn't you?
So you either A) fed the troll by giving a bullshit answer that made your software look shittier than it actually is, or B) just found out about advanced mode today?
File: capture.jpg (65 KB, 1219x958)
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As far as I can tell, it's not about Advanced Mode. Here's another capture which I hope better illustrates the task. The goal is to make the bounding box of the selected vertices measure, say, 1.5 units along the world X axis. How can this be done?
set coordinates of vertex A to a whole number
set coordinates of vertex B to whole number + 1.5
You mean I have to pick the bounding vertices by eye? There's no other way?
you could separate the part (y to rip from mesh, p to separate), change its dimensions in object mode, ctrl+j to put it back all together
but you shouldn't be using blender for CAD work/anything that requires specific measurements anyway
get a proper CAD program for that
it's blender, not autocad
Thanks, it seems like that'll do the trick. A bit cumbersome but it works.

Not for CAD purposes, but really neat if you're trying to model a building or any other thing for which there are actual measurements.
>A bit cumbersome but it works.
this is the best way to describe blender in one sentence.
Just curious.
How would you do it in Maya?
Don't insult artists. Many of us work hard and try to save time via practical solutions ie not using blender.
Don't worry, he didn't mention artists, he mentioned *artists*. Whatever that is.
bold you dumb cunt
You're the one that's gonna get bolded, Blendie.

Here's the thread of the day

Cumbersome is the one thing Blender isn't.
You would know this, if you had ever used it.
no one cares you whiny fuckin bitch

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