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MP5 Reload animation, tell me what you guys think please. Any tips on how I can improve?

Holy fucking shit, you actually fixed that goddamn aspect ratio/resolution bullshit. Good on you, Anon. But still, points deducted for thinking you still deserve your own thread.
Oh well, since you're gonna bitch "that isn't what I asked for!" if I don't:
Some weird jitter occurs when the magazine's removed. It's like the left hand gets a spasm or something. The return to the idle pose after that is way too quick too. The model just kinda shwoops back into position 50% too fast.
And by God, claim all you want that "you can still see the animation!!' like you did in previous threads but it's a million times easier to see what the hell's going on at this resolution.
It was still easy to see what was going on in the previous videos.

The Jerkiness I noticed too, I figured it would be okay, because it feels like force of the magazine being pulled out. Will fix.

Will fix to idle aswell, thank you very much.
try making it look good

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