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>it's been a year since I started working as a 3D modeling teacher in a small academy
>I only work with Maya
>yesterday the director asked me to start using 3DMax in my classes, starting in two days.

Any tips for a Maya user that needs to migrate to 3DMax in less than 48 hours?
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your pepe is so nervous that his hat popped up lel
Maya and 3Ds Max are pretty similar, just get used to the interface and try to use it as you use Maya
3d modeling in max is easier than in maya
just try shit you dumbass
Tim Bergholz on youtube has great free tutorials focusing on turbosmooth / subd modeling techniques while using various modifiers, etc.
Arrimus3D is also on youtube for general modeling tips & techniques.
Loads of material from these two guys to base your classes on.
This, and also Grant Warwick. He has some nice modeling tutorials as well.

I thought Maya was the cool hip thing and 3DS Max is what the Xoomers used?
Just die quietly

Max has more tools but the workflow is slow and tedious as hell.
Can't say it's slower than anything else out there as far as I know, especially considering how long has Max been around and the extra tools / plugins available. Or did you have anything else in mind in terms of modeling speed?
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OP here.
Thanks for the recommendations, they did really help. My last petition would be some tutorials about the Max UV editor easily understandable by a Maya user, beacuse it's the only thing that I still haven't figured out.
Tim Bergholz on Youtube, my man.
Try the built in tutorial, it's really fucking easy.

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