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> Apply at a great studio
> Tell myself to be happy when I get the job

> Start 6 months ago as intern with no experience
> Tell myself to be happy when they hire me

> get hired for 2,5k/Month, as a 21 year old dude who hasnt even finished Uni yet

> Still fucking unhappy and now doubting myself if I make enough and if this whole fucking thing was a good idea at all
Haha dude, same.
Except I'm 24 on less than 1.5k/mo.
Still an intern, though I won't be hired because there's no work.
Shitters making 3d porn online make 20 times that and wouldn't be able to tell a quad from a tris apart.
I already decided I will kill myself and bring my whole disfunctional family that left me broke and depressed down with me. I'll just try to get the most out of my last month and a half-ish of life I have left, then it's open season.
not a psychologist, but i'm sure happiness isn't correlated with your salary. you'd be just as miserable earning 20x more
You're literally just starting out with your life. A child. You could still quit and try to do anything else that might interest you. There's a plenty of time for that. Options are limitless.
Why don't you become a shitter making 3D porn
We'll never know until that happens, won't we?

This is what interests me.
This is what has always interested me.

I didn't work my ass off to become good enough to work my first job in the top studios just to make shitty 3d porn or get shat on by some retards who decided to download Blender one day to make lewds.
So you have the choice - you can do 3D porn as well but you don't want to. So then stop whining about the assholes who do it. You can do it too if you wanted to, it's in your control. Try it and see how it goes. Maybe you hit a jackpot and be happy. Maybe you realize it's not worth it. You'll never know if you don't try. That's the reality we all have to deal with and it's totally not worth killing yourself over lol. And so what if 3D interests you? Surely there are more stuff that could interest you as well if only you got into them. Hell, 3D interests me as well and I jumped into it a year ago practically randomly since I had one 3D class. Changed my lifestyle over night just like that. And maybe I'll do it again with something else. Had tons of different interests before it, and I still have them now. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. Do more shit. Try more shit. You might like it even more than 3D. Not wanting to switch because you invested X amount of time in this is just a sunk cost fallacy. There's plenty of time for everything.

True. Im not saying that I dont have some other issues but I really wanted to feel good about myself for once.

Is there even a future in 3D? Should I just switch industries while I still can?
Make sure your downfall involves coke, hookers and various other crimes and then livestream it for us anon, your death will not be in vain.

Don't be a whiny little bitch. I would have killed for that opportunity at your age and I wouldn't even turn it down now, at fucking 28. Your happiness is based on where your expectations and your reality meet. Try to adjust your expectations and be okay with your own mediocrity, you probably aren't as good as you think you are and that's okay. What are you expecting to get from the 3D industry? Happiness? Nigga pls
I got into 3d 10 years ago.
I spent the better part of that decade feeling guilty for trying to do something I liked, because of my disfunctional fucking family that didn't care about supporting me nor my choices.

I tried doing something else and I failed hard at it. That's why I'm 24 and not 21.
Then I finally got my shit together and just plowed through the 3d world like a bulldozer.
It was everything I wanted to do.
I tried every 3d discipline and aced them all. That's how I got this job.
If someone asked me if I was willing to do 3d until the day I die, I'd say yes.
What can I say, I like this field.
And no, I don't want to do fucking 3d porn, even though I could school literally everyone who does.
File: CkG7lO_WkAAiEfd.jpg (22 KB, 480x403)
22 KB
>won't be hired
>plowed through the 3d world like a bulldozer
>tried every 3d discipline and aced them all
> I don't want to do fucking 3d porn, even though I could school literally everyone who does

Doesn't add up, you sound like an autist egomaniac. Post work.
your stomach will win over your fragile ego, not that anyone believes you're even half as good as you say you are.
You clowns make me sick.
This is why the industry is so messed up.
You're willing to work for free or for pennies just to be in "muh 3D".
Post work and or fuck off
>fucking juniors, why didn't you negotiate a six figure salary for your first job experience
Gee I don't know.

>y u no dox yourself
Like I care about a bunch of anonymous fags believing whether I'm good or not.
I don't get what's so unusual about not willing to make cheap porn if you're good enough to be offered the learning opportunity that comes with a real job.
Yet, everyday I see people who either never had or lost the drive to learn new things and improve, so I don't get why they all don't become porn dealers. The thing is, I didn't think I'd find these people at these high levels.
File: hmm.gif (698 KB, 256x256)
698 KB
698 KB GIF
>Like I care about a bunch of anonymous fags believing whether I'm good or not.

You're on here whining and bragging at the same time so its pretty clear that you do care what we think.

>I don't get what's so unusual about not willing to make cheap porn if you're good enough to be offered the learning opportunity that comes with a real job.

But I thought it was easy for you with your impeccable skillset anon? why not just bang out a few lewdz and make some internet bux on the side if your """top studio""" job doesn't pay so well?

>won't post work
Yea thats what I thought. Enjoy living in fantasy land faggot.
What exactly do you want, then? Reality is how it is and you can't change that. Be true to yourself as an artist and earn shitty salary or sell your soul to Satin and make degenerate content for subhumans for big bucks.
>What exactly do you want, then?

I'm biased. I'm young and just starting out.
Will it get better 10 years, 20 years down the line?
Does working your ass off and keep on learning every day pay off in the long run?
If doing degenerate shit is supposedly more profitable then why are those who do it all fourth-rate amateurs and not ex-professionals?
Is this field even worth pursuing anymore?
Is it?
Or is it all for nothing?
Anon...post tutorials

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