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Any advice on building a system for high resolution compositing, 3d gpu rendering and 3d physics simulation.

I was going to go i9, 64gig ram (with later upgrade to 128) , 2080ti (dont got money for quadro).

This thread ripper business has me apprehensive though, what might i lose going threadripper over i9? what about single core performance for sims and such?

Was going to 7960X/7940X now thinking 2950X

g/ was not any help
I don't think you need top notch CPU for GPU rendering, except you use something cuda-based. Go for dual 1080ti with lots of ram if you render huge ass scene, although 64gb is reasonable for almost anything home made.
Also if you actually do use cuda, you'd be better off with 4-Cpu server motherboard with 16-cores cpus + dual 1080ti.
I think threadripper grants ya more lanes.

Id go with 16 cores TR of either gen, slap a couple 1080tis in there and ignore the 20 series.

Then id make software use the 2nd die to do all the heavy lifting from its own ssd so you can use the first 8 cores to continue to work/otherwise use computer.

I dont know shit about 3d but id mainly look into the following:

-2 gpus necesary? Would 3rd shit gpu be an option for running monitors off for youtube etc while main or mainx2 do heavy lifting?

-what single core limited workloads you do and what kind of performance hit youd be taking from going amd vs intel.

-is going 20 series worth it? 1080tis can be had for considerably less and the tensor cores are still largely in their infancy, would waiting to see software adoption and actual utility of the new tech be worth upgrading in 1 or 2 gens.

Im just browsing /3/ for the first time before making a babys 1st thread on the expectations I can have with picking it up so some of this might seem tarded.
Exacly, what software you´re thinking on using?
I can do almost anything in 3ds max, Zbrush and After Effects with only 46 Giga RAM in an old octocore. Rendering times would only go up if you used an insane amount of computers to make your own renderfarm, so any medium PC with 64 Giga RAM will run what you need. Check the info page of PC Specs for whathever software you´re thinking on using, unless you don´t know that either.
Id mainly be using it for black magic fusion, more ram the better to cache large images sequences,so I would like to get 128gigs eventually, its one of the main reasons I want to upgrade, only have 16 gigs right now and can only cache a small amount now when it comes to 4k+ dpx files. I do some 3d as well gpu rendering, so there is that.


Since I don't upgrade that often I kinda wanted to future proof a bit with a 2080ti, hearing about some fancy raytracing denoising and enhanced rtx rendering power that might be taken advantage of in the future.

the extra pcie lanes would just be needed for say a third gpu? I might get a second at some point but when it comes to the non quadro cards i heard there is not the best returns when adding extra cards especially beyond 2, is this right?

As far as single core performance issues, that is something I am actually wondering about, the only thing I know of for sure are some of sims I use for 3d aren't overly multicore friendly.

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