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So my dad recently got into 3d modeling, but he's super insecure about it. I feel like he's progressing at a great rate but he's weird about putting his stuff up for people to see. I've told him get constructive criticism! But he's new and I don't know...it is what it is. I was hoping maybe getting some feedback on his stuff might help him.
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Looks great to me, not perfect but impressive and very pleasing. Not edgy enough to get noticed on Twitter or Instagram but he should post those on Facebook for sure.
Looks pretty good to me, how long has your dad been modeling for?
i want my game to look like that
It looks really good desu.
Only thing I would note is the wood in both pics has a weird rippling in a couple spots that looks irregular.
crossboarding normalfag here it looks pretty good to me
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I appreciate the responses. I was going to post more examples but I got banned? Is there any specific things he can work on? I think that's his biggest fear; people ripping apart his work.
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These are great, OP's dad! I know it's hard, but don't be afraid of showing your work and people judging it. It can help you grow faster as an artist.

One advice I'll give is think about the story of the objects and how were they used. Look at them in real life and/or photos and analyze how is the dirt building, notice the slight scratches and edge damages, color variations and variations in roughness of the surface etc. Imperfections will break the CG look so don't make everything perfectly clean. That will get your work on another level.

P.S. I really hope you're not baiting with that backstory to get better feedback, OP. But no matter whose work it is, I stand by my post, those renders are pretty good already.
>my dad
I think you're shitposting, but I will say all of these are good to very good. The only thing that really sticks out is the helicopter since it looks so clean and unblemished, but that can be fixed with textures/maps etc. (everything looks very pristine, but maybe that's the look he was going for?) Modeling wise these are great.

I'm 99% sure you're shitposting, but if not, try to make your dad understand that as long as he doesn't put his work out there, he's not going to get any recognition, let alone a job. What is he aiming for anyway? If it's a hobby only, just let him do whatever he wants to do. I find respect for people at a higher age getting into 3D.
Tell him to look up imperfection maps for roughness/specular, like smears or fingerprints, also scratches a and few bumps, slight wear on the edges and stuff so the surfaces don't appear so unnaturally clean.
Definitely not shitposting and I appreciate the feedback. I screencapped some of the thread and sent it to him. And he sent me a link of his first model he put up for sale on turbosquid. So I appreciate it folks. Also, here's his artstation https://www.artstation.com/chrislincoln
OP I was about to call you a lying faggot but this seems legit. Congrats on having a based boomer dad to discuss 3D with.
>fear; people ripping apart his work
What? He's an adult, he can handle it.
Everyone has to experience failure once.
Here, the main problem is the carpet. It lacks depth and the self-shadowing that would result from that depth. It's not difficult to fix, he can look up some tutorials on tiling geometry and bam, done.
Here, I don't like how the cabinets don't seem to have any surface detail to them. Certainly in real homes people do go for that look, and if he was also going for that, perhaps he should study the materials more deeply.
He's otherwise technically good.

I'd like to see him showcasing a real "scene" though. Don't just give me something to look at. Make it complete by showing these assets and environments as part of a greater picture, that tells a story or evokes emotion.

This is where his real skills as an artist will show, and where he'll start receiving real criticism.
I see a lot of knife-sharp edges in these that either don't have big enough bevels or aren't beveled at all. Photorealism 101 is "bevel fuckin' everything"

He's overdoing it with the DOF. I know it's exciting to emulate a real camera but tell him to calm down with that shit.

He also needs to work on being sure he's using appropriate materials in appropriate places. The black plastics on his Atari console and controllers are glass smooth, but the real deal had a rough finish. This is a pretty obvious detail he should've picked up on while looking at references, and I'm not sure how he fucked it up. Also, why are the insides of those cabinets glossy and reflective? Very weird.

He's obviously doing quite well overall, and you should tell him that's the consensus amongst a bunch of very nit-picky people who love to tear each other down.
agreed, first thing I said was SHOW ME THE SHAG! The carpet was way too flat.

Also I get what you mean about surface imperfections. I think he's having a hard time getting past the product showcase look. He does a lot of that, and when we're photographing and making box art and all that, the mindset is the opposite. It must look IMMACULATE. No dust, fingerprints, scratches, everything is photoshopped out.

I'm not sure how to pull him out of that. This is all some great feedback though. I wish he'd seek this stuff out on his own.
He should post them on Artstation.
Yo this looks great. Your dad's got a good eye.

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