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I love and use Lightwave professionally, and also purposely ironically. Do what you wish to me. Or, actually, let's just see those conversations about Lightwave.

The video is not me btw, it's just a really great Lightwave user.
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Use whatever works for you and what gets the job done.

Used LW since 1990 in almost every version, sunk a few grand into plugins. LW2015 was the last release I bought. I voiced some discontent at the devs because of LWs lack of unification...for 18 years or so.

I'm using Maya more often now, but I do the odd LW job from time to time.

Some stuff from days gone by

I blew an audition at Foundation Imaging in 1996, did stuff for TV anyways.
From what I've looked into, isn't it almost impossible to unify it because modeler and layout are 2 seperate programs in themselves?
I'd like to hear that story, how did you blow it?
Yes, that's why the LW hub existed for so long. Never worked that great desu. One of the ex devs experimented with modeling features and geometry creation in layout, but that was years ago and it never went anywhere.

I just turned 18 and had to move a few hundred miles for the job, but it didn't work out in the end. I started at Amblin Entertainment three months later.
I'm at a tiny production company and we just ditched Lightwave in favor of a Maya pipeline. I'd say we are way behind the curve on that. I've never been a big fan LW but I will admit it's a good fit for jobs with smaller budgets. As project complexity rises though it really begins to stumble. The architecture is too old and it's obvious that Newtek doesn't have the resources to keep it competitive.The lack of industry support was another huge reason for us to abandon it. No support for modern production renderers like V-Ray, Arnold or Redshift, few commercial plugins, less renderfarm support, and searching for solutions to problems often seems to only turns up results from years ago.

Even though I don't much like Maya either, I think we are better off as far as staying competitive.
Is the model in the image, at least, yours?
Can we see some rendered animation from the rigging?
Lightwave is still a million times better than Blunder and it starts in seconds compared to the Autodesk bloatware.
Yeah, I hear you on that one. When it comes to the Render engine support, have you looked into Octane? Seems that a vast majority of Lightwave users love that Renderer.
Totally, I just wish it had better support for game engines like Unity and Unreal.
I loved Lightwave back in the 5.5 5.6 era. First 3d package I was able to get work done in. Then Maya hit and changed everything. I do still sometimes poke over and see what Newtek is up to. They have been awfully quiet lately. How are you liking Lightwave anon? I miss it.

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