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Hey /3/ this is my very first time visiting this board. Ive been wanting to get into 3d modelling for some time now and ive wanted to ask some questions on how i can get started. Just making this clear that im a complete beginner and have blender on my pc

Do you have to be an amazing artist to start modelling?

How do i learn?

What can i do to improve?

How can you get to the point of 3d modelling that you can somehow make money of it

If someone could answer these questions that would be great
I'm my expreiance youtube is your best resource to teaching yourself. If you ever want a comfy 9 to 5 you may need a few certificates.

You could probably find a pretty good torrent for a copy of solidworks and stuff like that. Considering the price of these programs can be a bit heavy.

It's just a lot of raw practice on projects that you get better with.
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>Do you have to be an amazing artist to start modelling?
not really it helps a lot but it depends of what exactly you want to do, but actually anyone can learn to draw to a decent level withing a couple of weeks its more like learning how to drive rather than something you're born with
>How do i learn?
learn what exactly? usually you'll either follow a video course at sites like skillshare or follow some tutorials on youtube, learn the basics, start making stuff and keep learning
>What can i do to improve?
improve what exactly? usually just practice a lot and maybe a follow a program where you can get better gradually
>How can you get to the point of 3d modelling that you can somehow make money of it
by working from home or by joining a company? I'd recommend you check out "the art of freelancing" by noah bradley the full torrent is on cgpeers
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he also learned to model waifus, enviroments and animations on octane
same man, some people just have an insane aptitude for this kind of shit
just gotta keep at it if you want to get anywhere
>east asian
no fucking wonder
It's all the same uninspired weebshit though.
Notice how the subject is always the same?
Not a shred of originality.
All themes, tropes, and styles everyone has seen a million times.
I mean, I get it that this is 4chinz and weeb grills are considered the peak of art, but all I see here is some Asian kid with way too much time on his hands practicing all day every day to make the perfect representation of his waifu.
I mean, a motivation to improve is as good as any other, but job posts ask for "a wide range of styles and subjects" for a reason.
Nobody cares about an artist who is only motivated in order to draw his waifu.
And here we have a salty faggot who probably failed at his venture in drawing waifu, so all he does is bitch and whine like a cynic on the internet.
It's very clear you aren't the target audience, a cultured man would know pretty much a bulk of the girls in that collage alone to be from Kantai Collection if not other anime, with just a few truly original pieces of art.
And how do you not see a wide range of styles? The artist goes from sketch, to the standard cel-shaded anime-style, to "shaded as if it's a background plate for an anime", to proper smooth shading in the last of the examples. Scene complexity constantly gets higher as it goes, and genre switches from modern to fantasy to scifi. There's a strong blend of techniques throughout, everything from pleasing post-processing to the utilisation of 3D in scene construction.
This isn't even me defending the artist, this is me insulting your artistic eye. If you easily dismiss everything as "uninspired weebshit" without even being able to identify differences, imagine what kind of artist you must be.
And you wanna know something? Most of these East Asian artists do it for the likes and retweets. They aren't "building some portfolio to get hired by a big studio", they're just doing it as a hobby to their day job. Maybe they'll get to earn a few bucks by selling an artbook every year or so, maybe they'll get some worthwhile commission. Otherwise they're doing it for the fun of it.
I looked further into who he is, what he does and his ethnicity. He's Asian, he has way too much time and all he does it the same over and over again.

Maybe I'm not that fucked or pathetic. At least I have a stable, paying job in Archviz(that bores me to death).

Feels great when you
Except other artists who are also only motivated to draw their waifu.
>imagine being this mad at someone insulting your precious weebshit made by your weeb artist crush
lamo m8

>this is me insulting your artistic eye
According to you, going from being shit to being sorta good at drawing the same subject is equal to having "a wide range of styles"
I'd expect someone who unironically makes such a moronic uninformed claim to manage to burn water trying to boil it, I find it really funny that you believe you can judge anyone's artistic eye.

>doing it for the likes and retweets
That's because pathetic wastes of carbon life like you enable them in the first place, and that's exactly what's wrong with art in the digital age.

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