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I'm following a basic(ish) tutorial for Substance Designer, and I immediately noticed that while in the tutorial the viewport is returning a very defined material, mine looks flat and barely shaded (looks like his has AO and self-shadowing), yet our graphs are pretty much exactly the same (flat colour into colour, clouds with gradient adjustment into normal and height map). So what gives? I've looked all over for options I may have missed but I haven't found anything, the only thing that kinda helps is turning it to iRay rendering, which both takes ages and doesn't make it even half as sharp as his is anyway (and it's not that anyway as his is real time).

Turning tessellation on didn't help either, even pushing it to max didn't change anything, the issue seems to be one of shadows, normals, and AO.
The go-to thing if your material looks weird is Scene>Reset in the preview
then Right Click > View outputs in the node view, make sure you have no empty outputs.

If you don't have height, make sure you've enabled height in Materials>Default>Edit.

iRay needs subdivision for sharp geometry.
Tried that, sadly did not help much, my material still looks very flat. I think it's something to do with AO or self-shadowing, as the height info is definitely there and can be seen with tessellation, but it still looks flat.

There is also that his material has no base colour yet looks like in the OP, yet mine without base colour is way too dark to see anything properly on it, but I assume that's just something to do with his being an older version, possibly they changed the default look of a material without base colour.
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This is what a completely empty material looks to me in the latest version.

To me it looks like the only real difference for images in the OP is height amount and light angle.
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Not related to op's problem
But anyone know why i get the white bar over the picture when i render in Substance Painter?
Maybe try tweaking normal intensity? There's also a possibility you're indeed doing something different than the tutor.
Tried all that, nothing, nada. Today I start up Designer again, and it looks way better, I fuck with the lighting a bit, and sure enough it's fixed (doesn't look as sharp as the tutorial, but I think that's down to some more tweaking).

Thanks, something I did in there must have changed whatever the issue was, and I guess rebooting my graphics drivers led to it displaying properly now.

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