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Are you using the sculptis pro feature in Zbrush (2018)? People have made it sound like a gamechanger
I would if I had it.


Unfortunately it is not in core.
I did, but except for some functionality for creating the base shapes and detailing without needing to subdivide the whole model, it's not that great. Dynamesh is still the core feature imo
>Yes yes, get this ABSOLUTE GAMECHANGER now!

>been available for free in non-Faggologic Sculptris since 2009
I love how they just copy-paste code from one application to another and call it a new feature
It's Autodesk tier
It's even worse.

>Sculptris has revolutionary on the fly subdivision
>works incredibly smoothly and is FREEWARE
>industry leading ones get sweaty armpits
>Sculptris gets more and more popular
>finally, Pixo makes offer to the Swedish programmer of a warm office in sunny Burgerland, great pay and future for Sculptris
>programmer nods it all up
>Pixo now owns Sculptris
>Pixo makes a thread in their forums "A Gift From Pixologic" where they act like they're the greatest to provide you plebs with THEIR finest freeware for free!
>original programmer of Sculptris naively thinks his software has a future, posts in the forums about new features like retopo tools in Sculptris

>1 year later
>he gets booted out
>Sculptris got completely gutted and its interesting and innovative tech integrated into Zbrush
>development COMPLETELY STALLED, absolutely no statement to the fans

The funniest thing is that literally everyone saw this coming a mile away when the dev announced he got bought. Lots of posts about this in the old forum but he didn't want it to be true. It's all so incredibly disgusting that I'd really have a problem using Zbrush even if I didn't have to pay for it so I just avoid this fucking pile. Luckily there are alternatives now.
Meant for >>642607 of course.
Fucking rageposting because I loved that program and still do.
It's like notepad for sculpting. Just straight to the point without any bullshit or distractions. Light and super fast.
yeah its pretty fuckin good man

That's normal. Zbrush is the industry leading sculpting app, of course they'll put the best tech they own into it instead of kepping it exclusive to their blendlet-tier freeware only moralfags use.
You'd probably also sell your mom if it was normal in the industry (and she was worth anything)

What was deleted.

Also that story is fucked up, Every time i try to get in zBrush i get a headache from the nonsense UI.
So making Mudbox work, it getting voxels now is nice, the only major thing missing to make it a tad better is merging stuff.

Anything to get closer to dynamesh in a way.
does anyone have the old sculptris alphas?
before zbrush bought them out.
Yeah, way better to learn dead software instead of complicated UI software. So smart! Why put in the work?
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hey guys, I want to learn how to sculpt (I would rather do characters and animals than props) but I never did any modeling. However, I can draw.

Would just learning and gitting gud at zbrush make me useful for a project or whatever?
no love for 3dcoat?
Whenever I see 2d artist wanting to get into 3d I think of >>644616

You cannot cheat your way into being an 3d artist.
You will never get gud at ZBrush without understanding the technological part of the job and all the basic principles of 3D.
Don't underestimate that part. Your abilities in drawing however will transfer to 3D. If you already mastered anatomy in 2D for example you don't need to learn it again, you just adapt to the new environment.
Same for color theory and framing and composition, which are universal visual art principles and apply everywhere.
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I value basic principles a lot. I guess will start with basic blender tutorials and then move on with zbrush.

thanks here's another fox
>Luckily there are alternatives now

Got any suggestions? Been using sculptris for a while and need an upgrade that isnt crap.
Even Blender got Dynotopo before Zbrush. Fucking embarrassing, considering Pixologic bought Sculptris many years ago.
You can upgrade Sculptris by patching it to allow more memory usage on newer verisons of Windows.

Other than that, you could use [spoiler]Blender
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pic related

and this

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