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Is there such a thing as Mastery with 3D.

Is this field merely a technical stepping stone, part of a greater whole of a greater entity?

After modeling buildings-military planes finally sat down to do characters only to find i had to not only stop to learn human anatomy but to draw. using it as a means of studying structure and form, using it to prototype ideas before even needing to sculpt.

This suggests to me 3D is just a small part of the larger field of "Art", The good 3D artists all know these things and are experienced 2D artists as well.

Are we wasting our time learning more and more technical application specific information; instead of learning Art fundamentals and merely using 3D quick tool at the end?

Why didn't you tell me /3/ !
I treat 3d field as an art medium.
it requires specific technical knowledge to achieve desired result.
just like traditional brush requires specific technical knowledge: stroke techniques, canvas, brush and paint -specific behaviour, mixing etc etc etc to achieve desired result.
this medium-specific knowledge is required if you want to mix mediums together and produce new medium or current of art in the process.
but you don't need to learn it if you want to stick to your medium.

what you do need to learn is a general art knowledge, knowledge that is applied to every medium.
we did art for as long as we walked on earth and everything adds up in the end, nothing is wasted.
medium-specific knowledge may be lost or become obsolete(until some artist takes the medium and start doing art with it that is, the moment he does this medium is not obsolete any more!), but the general knowledge is still there, and we still use and apply, for instance, early cave painters observations of life, dynamics and energy, even if we use the newest 3d art medium they could never even dream of.
>Is there such a thing as Mastery with 3D.

no, plain and simple
hmm, well said.
The main issue is makign a career of it from scratch, I don't see anyone in the threads telling new guys to learn to draw properly etc.
No one's a master everyone is learning everyday
No, that's why 3D generalists are poor bastards who will never have a single minute of freetime for their entire careers. 3D as a whole is simply too complex and diverse for one person to "master" everything.
MFW is generalist, only now i'm realizing that i should have been a specialist with animation and paid some shmucks to model and rig shit for me.

FML i've done more modeling than animating all year.

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