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if i get the model of a character how can i lets say give her bigger breasts or change her height?
i wanna fuck that hair
turn on proportional editing
select some vertices
scale them and/or move them
you now have an enlarged butt

>>you now have an enlarged butt to fap to

what programm?
i my knowledge is like i made 2 character ports for vr chat in blender
i dont know much about 3d modeling
>i my knowledge is like i made 2 character ports for vr chat in blender
>i dont know much about 3d modeling
This is the level of the majority of /3/ 'artists'. Good grief.
well i am glad then?
so can you roughtly tell me how i make her ass bigger now ?
>import model in 3ds.max
>GOZ the model to Zbrush
>deform the mesh with your favorite brush
>GOZ the model back to 3ds max
>reset the bone rigging by re-applying a new skin deformer, overwriting the old one
>since the old skin is trash, be sure to make a scaled biped system for her, if the old bone system was something else
>dont forget the morph deformer for expressions, which you sure have, don´t you?
If you plan to porn her, you need to re-made the model nude from scratch and apply details like tongue, boob phisics and animated genitalia. The cloth sets need to fit the body also. I strongly suggest Mental ray if you don´t want your render times going up to the roof with AO scanline, assuming it´s an animation and not some noob stills.
Ultimately the best method, but we're on /3/ here. The usual userbase asking these questions can't really handle more than Blender.
So, for that anon:
>import model into Blender
>[tab] into edit mode
>turn on proportional editing
>select a vertex and scale it
>play until happy
>add: learn sculpting and do it through that instead
This just assumes you wanna fuck with her tits and ass. Chances are, you're gonna want to pose her later. For that, you'll have to hope the rig comes with whatever rip you found, if not you'll have to rig her yourself.
But, like that anon said, if you wanna porn her up there's a lot more that needs to be done. You don't necessarily have to remake it from scratch, but you'll still have to learn how to make the NSFW details.
thx i will try these out
>If you plan to porn her
i want to inject her new model into the game again
Oh, if it's just a model swap then the Blender instructions ought to work fine. If all you do is scale vertices around with proportional editing, the weighting shouldn't get disturbed and the rig should still remain compatible.
do i just download this and i am good to go?
or do i need plug-ins?
OP your reach is far exceeding your grasp.
I always wondered why the fuck she's the only one without the weird spring arms and instead has spring twin tails.
I don't think that is where you should be looking anon
>what programm?
A still image does not to this character's walk cycle justice

Post walk cycle.
I would go for soft selection and FFD cage (assuming we're talking about 3ds max)

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