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Hey guys I'm relatively new to 3D modelling, I've had 2 years experience in games industry through courses but for some reason cant wrap my head around the process/pipeline of modelling. What are the main steps to modelling something like these cottages that are handpainted? :)
for what software?
For something this simple; quick box/quad modeling in a tool of your choice > paint in Substance Painter or 3D-Coat (or in that other, free tool)

Or go the way of making sculpts, although that seems a bit overkill.
Well the software I use is Maya to model and either Photoshop or Substance Painter to Texture. But its more a less the process step by step? :/
Like would you say each house has its own Texture map of the same texture map with different variants
basically go to cubebrush.co and see what tutorials you want to do.

generally speaking, you want to do like 10 free tutorials on the basics of modeling and stuff first. then get into the paid stuff.
in cubecrush, they have amazing section in 3dcoat library, check that out

what is that other free tool?
The one that ought not to be named.
Painting in Blunder is a disaster
You can paint models in Photoshop with no addons, the camera controls are ass but other than it's fine for simple stuff.
Also you can just paint into the UVs in any program, but this can give some problems with distortion unless you are an unwrapping god. You can also paint via projection in any program, it's fun. I recommend Krita because it's good and has shaped gradients and G'MIC integration which shits on Photoshop

How does painting via projection work ? I've tried googling it but without any luck.
imagine taking a screencapture of your model at a certain angle and painting over that

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