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Anyone do stained glass? I'm about to try to recreate pic related as my first 3D piece.

Lookin' for tips if anyone has done a big 3D before.
I'm not sure, but I believe that you can achieve this with fractals. Photoshop have this function, even Blender must have
More lookin' for structural integrity. I think I can squeeze the low-poly pretty easily.
Hello /3/, I'm from /ic/. How is your day?

op is asking about making a physical model.
Easy as fuck.
Model it low poly and use blenders wireframe modifier, slap an emission texture and bam
Again, you can create a fractal map from picture in black and white in Photoshop and use it as displacement map. Use your creativity man
What do you mean by that? You want it have have gravity and move around?
model it low poly
use bevel on all edges
extract the beveled geo and clean it up
add thickness to all

now you have two parts, lead and glass.

if you want to make an actual real life stained glass piece, then use pepakura for the pattern and make sure your pieces are all convex since it's hard to cut concave pieces out of glass.
if you're just modelling a mesh, the problem is trivial and you should just learn your tool.

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