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what are some good laptops for 3d work?
I'll buy lenovo y530 with 1050ti, i5 8th gen and 8 gigs of RAM soon. Only not sure how will 8 gigs work with substance, but for some lighter 3d work it should probably be fine.
>I want to work on something graphically intensive
>I know! A laptop form factor is so tiny that they could never allocate enough space for cooling or even the friggin GPU die, and consumer class warranties are so garbage that they may as well not even exist!
>This way I can buy another shitty laptop a year or two down the road when this one isn't good enough for the job
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I have that laptop, one DIMM is unpopulated so you can easily upgrade to 16GB with another 8GB stick of ddr4 2400mhz.
It's a great laptop and it doesn't throttle at all. Fans used to get loud though but I replaced the paste and I can't hear the fans anymore.

>TFW only just getting started on 3d modeling but at least I know that my y530 doesn't throttle or go over 60°c in overwatch ever since I reposted it.
Now I understand that rendering would most likely generate more heat, but cooling is not a problem for this laptop.
I feel I sit like that nowadays.
Some decent posts in this thread.
Find a CPU with 8 cores, 32 GB of RAM (upgradeable), a GTX 1070 or equivalent with 8 GB, and you got yourself a decent minimum for 3D work.

If you can't find that in a laptop, you are better off with a desktop.
From what I've heard, you can do 3D on a lot cheaper laptops. I don't know what you consider minimum though, lol. I'm working with every 3D program there is with my GTX 960 and i5 6500 and 16GB RAM, and some guys on /3/ laughed at me. Only experienced lags when I had Substance Designer, large UE4 scene, Blender and Chrome with 30+ tabs open at the same time.

How performant is Y530 compared to my desktop configuration I just mentioned? From what I've seen, they seem similar.
Everything depends on your individual needs, don't pay attention to what most people consider here a "bare minimum", most like big numbers while they often don't come close to using all that hardware. What you have is more than enough to do most 3D tasks you'll encounter, as you mentioned yourself, you can leave a shitload of stuff open till you start experiencing lag. Are you a student or are you a pro? Are you going to do a lot of rendering or work a lot with sculpting, texture painting? Depending on your toolkit and the work you'll do, look into what will be required in terms of PC hardware to accomplish the tasks at hand and start building your setup from there.

Also, I highly recommend getting a desktop, if that's not a possibilty - avoid Lenovo, they're unreliable pieces of garbage backed up by horrible warranty services that will take their sweet time to solve your problems. Been using Asus for years now and never had a problem.

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