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I've been playing some Adult 3-d H games. These guys are on Patreon to support the making of the games, they aren't even finished products and I've seen some of them make upwards of 2k a month! Just for releasing small updates every month...

They're not even video, it's just still frames and dialogue

I want in on this scam!!!

I have literally 0 artistic talent or experience, but I am actually a pretty good erotica writer and I have the story for it.

What program, if it even exists, can i get to let me build images of people having sex, I know it cant be as easily as it looks, but is it?

(BTW: My game idea...Milf City, you seduce all the milf's in your moms book club with the final goal being to hook up with your own mom)
You need Jesus
not a scam lol, it is a dick move though
lmao this has to be bait. Although, you sound retarded and stupid as fuck if you really believe it's easy. So go for it you stupid family disappointment.

btw, if you write erotica you're already a loser.
Erotica pays bills, nothing wrong with that
>What program, if it even exists, can i get to let me build images of people having sex

Are you serious.

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