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Greetings /3/, blendlet here. I have just started using blender as I wish to get into 3D printing as a hobby. So instead of asking what 3d software is best; what is the best starter printer I could experiment with? Cost is not an issue. (I wanted to ask /g/ but their sticky forbids against it.) Bonus Points if it's a printer with with a heated bed for aditional quality

Im lazy so I used sketchup for precise models. Works pretty good, made some print to hold my accessories. 10/10
Robo3d is pretty easy, maybe i3 prusa for better investment
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My starter printer: Monoprice Select Mini V2.

Has a huge community of owners, comes pre-assembled, heated bed, open source filaments, high resolution prints, and is under $200. Also is WIFI capable if you download the firmware.
Not saying buy THIS one, just think this will at least give you a pretty good idea of what you'd want in a starter printer.
It depends on you're price range.

For hobby printing the Maker bot Rep 2 IS pretty Decent. Very durable, easy to use and reliable. Only prints with pla though.

For about the same price you can get an Ultimaker 3. Prints on both places and abs. Also has the ability to print with supports that disolve in water which is really nice.
*both pla and abs, not places.
/diy/ has a 3d printing general.
>Cost is not an issue.
Prusa MK3 hands down for FDM Printers. Shitton of features, good quality, large community and a company that actually cares about their products. When you are want real good quality prints that dont need to have too much strength like tabletop figures for example, you should look into Resin printers like the Peopoly Moai Laser SLA 3D Printer or Anycubic Photon. There are still worlds between what a resin or FDM printer can do. Also this >>641333
Look on >>>/diy/3dp

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