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Hey /3/

I recently downloaded a pack of files from Klonoa Door to Phantomile (Wii), and I want to be able to use Klonoa's model and animations in Unreal Engine. Klonoa's model is a .dae which was easy for me to convert to an .fbx in 3DS Max, but all the animation files that came with him are a file type called .anim

I looked up online everywhere. I tried opening them in 3DS Max to no luck. I tried enabling animImportExport in Maya to also no luck. I thought that maybe Unity could open them, but it didn't give me animation files but rather just blank file icons. I have no way of converting these files to .fbx, which is what UE4 will read for 3D animations.

Is anyone familiar with this file type?
If it makes it easier, here is the pack of models from Klonoa Wii. The folder where everything I was talking about is in the folder titled "PLAYER CHARACTERS (1) 3-23-2015"

I wonder what would happen if you changed the file prefix from .anim to .bvh?
Failed to import again. I think my only option is to reanimate all of Klonoa's animations, or at least the ones I would need for what I want to work on.
quick ddg search gave me this: https://fileinfo.com/extension/anim

Try opening in Unity and see if that gets you anywhere.

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