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File: vageen.png (205 KB, 1030x617)
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How do I go about texturing a vageen to get a semi-realistic look?

Should I unwrap it as a whole or seperate the UV map into things like the clit, lips and inside?

Texture paint on the model or is it a photoshop job?

Just looking for some advice
let's just say it depends on how visible you are going to make the seams, and if you really need all that extra resolution.
go full 70's bush
That was my first thought too. It is a highly researched topic to render all types of hair properly.
Take a look at some turbosquid nakey wamen models
I've seen vageen mostly included in the torso iv island, at the bottom.
For semi realistic painting can be really effective if you understand the different skin colors the vagene has, just like the face has different areas where things like veins or bone are more prominent. I suggest looking at reference (ofcourse not fapping in the meantime) and taking note of these color zones. When you're doing that you can also identify the different specularity levels due to mucus glands and things like that. Take a look at pore density too, that's key to making things look the way they do.
And by all means, don't use your own skin as a ref for the material, man skin is rougher.
>don't use your own skin as a ref for the material, man skin is rougher.
Are you saying the vageens I painted by referencing my own testicles' skin are wrong?
File: FB_IMG_1535757720979.jpg (53 KB, 749x912)
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make seams separating different parts of the vag by texture

then just do the rest with nodes or if you're super lazy use substance painter

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