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how much would cost me a cgi album art by comission?

with the legal rights of the image of course
>with the legal rights of the image of course
U$500 and is all yours.
Not a bad cheap price for a cheap result. Once again, though, op is prolly a faggot looking for as cheap as possible (read free) I'm sure
not really, im searching for professionals and i expect quality, what are the sites or place where i can ask for this?
based Townsend poster
This is all photobashed though.
well, i would like a recognizable face, is still possible with that?
What? I have no clue what you're asking.
The image in the OP isn't CG.
Image in OP probably took a photo of a model in this pose, or more likely just got some stock image, and took a bunch of other stock images and kept adding shit in Photoshop until it looked like the mess that it is now.

If you want something like that, just prowl around Facebook on some shitty metal band pages. People who do this shit are a dime a dozen. Or just ask some Indian to do it on a site that does cheap labor like fiverr or >>640802
If you're asking if you can have a photo of yourself and have all sorts of shit like this on top, then yeah I guess. It depends on what you'd want.
I'll do it for free but it'll look amateur as shit and it'll take me longer than you want. But you get what you pay for.
Art Station

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