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File: 3_spring18.png (3.25 MB, 2000x1687)
3.25 MB
3.25 MB PNG
Hello /3/ divegrass season is coming soon!

>What is it
A virtual football tournament played in PES17 AI vs AI, pitching 4chan boards against each other, players represent the board’s memes. The tournament has wo tiers, the top-level Elite play in Winter and Summer while the lower level Babby plays in Spring and Autumn, this is the latter one that we’re talking about.

All the info here

/3/ has been around as a team since 2012, went inactive in 2016 and 2017 before reviving last Spring, where it had some successes (like blowing out /f/ 5-0) but unfortunately the team couldn’t advance to the top level of competition.

/3/ team page:
/3/’s run last cup run:

But now we can try again during the upcoming Autumn babby cup.

Since the team already had a significant overhaul, the poll will only be on miscellaneous aspects:


The first question is a roster one: would you rather have a board relevant but aesthetically pedestrian player (Alpha Channel, Rendering), or a more colourful player, even it it’s relevance has dwindled (Colin’s Bear, Trollkastel who were in the team in the past)?

Second question is choosing different names for some players, third, fourth and fifth are about music. Last question is about tactics, the current ones have a 4W2D1L +7 GD, it’s even been reused by a different autopilot team with good results. These tactics are pretty good at going out on their own but do note that they would be well known by now so take that into account.

The poll will stay open until the end of the month.
PLEASE NOTE: /3/ currently has no manager, and therefore competes as an autopilot team, meaning it can’t adapt its tactics mid championship. If some of you don’t know what to do while waiting for your render to finish and would like to make the team more involved in the cup, you’re welcome to become a manager, just contact the cup commissioner: https://implyingrigged.info/wiki/Contact#Staff
Oh hey this last time was fun.
Yes but without interest from the board, the team wouldn't be allowed to participate
Kek, that picture is great.
Man, some of these aren't even board-relevant anymore. Honestly, it's hard to say what board relevancy we even have now. This board's gone massively tame, we don't really have many "memes" or whatever you wanna call it that go around much.
>Ratboy Genius
Been dead for a while.
>Baby's First Donut
Still good.
>Maya & 3ds Max
I guess they're staple players, but they could use a refresh of their logos to the more modern ones. Throwing in Houdini could be good as well, since that's building up relevancy on this board.
>Uncanny Valley
Sorta relevant? Maybe DAZfag could work better.
>It's shit
Been dead for a while.
>Low Poly & Jiggle Physics
Still (sorta) good.
Been dead for a (long) while.
>Utah Teapot
Another 'staple' player.
>>blender & How do I?
Still good.
Honestly, the dumbass software wars have more or less quelled. People only shoot at Blender now and then, that's pretty much it. So not really relevant anymore.
For the most part, I guess everything after that still works. Maybe the ZBrush player could be changed to use ZBrush's logo as well, since that reference ain't too relevant anymore.
>Honestly, it's hard to say what board relevancy we even have now. This board's gone massively tame, we don't really have many "memes" or whatever you wanna call it that go around much.
Indeed, but I think that's also why some of these old players stick around; they may not be relevant put people still want them, for various reasons. Take Dorf for example, he got taken off the team in 2014 but he got voted back last Spring

>Maya & 3ds Max
>I guess they're staple players, but they could use a refresh of their logos to the more modern ones.
I must admit it's pure personal bias since I find Autodesk's modern visual identity incredibly bland

>Uncanny Valley
>Sorta relevant? Maybe DAZfag could work better.
It's predominantly DAZ but iI think it's good to have it being more general since it can strike anywhere
File: biped2.png (23 KB, 152x533)
23 KB
Zbrush is not accurate, needs to be a blobmonster with muscles that look like a cluster of tumors with too many pores

3dsmax should probably have the green blue arms like the default classic biped shown here

but so far so good, gave me a chuckle. Other possible ones:
>Source Engine/SFM (use the purplechecker texture)
>generic bad furry model
>hard surface (head is just an AR15)
Those are good model ideas, especially the biped; the logo models for Maya and 3DSMax are really because I couldn't think of anything.

I'll make them if /3/ is allowed to play
Oh, some other ideas:
And/or texturing programs. We get a lot of talk about "funny seams in substance" and "substance or mari??"
We always have quite a few discussions about "how 2 toon shade in blender guise?"
>"r8 my render"
Don't know how this'll translate, maybe you can make some really primitive figure with fucked normals so it shades funny in game.
Make it look hella plastic too, since everyone says (default) UE shaders look like plastic garbage.
Also thinking of something to do with game model ripping, but I have no idea how to twist that to a player model.
Unfortunately fairly pedestrian stuff, because like said above we really don't have much in terms of "personal charm". But these are things I see around /3/ fairly commonly.
Throwing my idea in for a bucket of wallpaper paste.
File: WIP.png (1.85 MB, 1920x1080)
1.85 MB
1.85 MB PNG
Some updates since the "legal" framework has been tweaked for teams competing (or looking to compete) as autopilots; tactics are now completely decided by the cup administration, inspired by IRL teams' tactics to still have the teams competitive.

Teams still need to prove board interest, and as of now /3/ is on a backfoot and might have to forfeit its participation if there's no proven board interest, so I'm opening a simple intrest poll to see if the board is still interested in seeing the team play

File: Yuri police.png (2.47 MB, 1920x1080)
2.47 MB
2.47 MB PNG
In the event that /3/ is allowed, there's how I'm thinking for the roster as this thread gave good ideas:

- Giving Quads Only his place back in the net
- A blob monster model for Zbrush and a biped for 3DSMax, if someone has an idea for Maya it'd be nice
- Replacing Rendering with R8 my renders
- Replacing How do I with How do I NPR, the model can use the outlining trick that makes it look cel-shaded, pic related
- Adding UE and SFM with the proposed models, I think they could replace Alpha channel and Youtube Tutorials
- Replacing >Autocucks with """""Wallpaper paste""""""

Also I would make extra kits, as of now we have 4: Blender (orange), Alias Maya (red and black), 3DSMax (turquoise) and Zbrush (grey). We can have 9 total so I’m thking in adding Cinema 4D (white and blue), Houdini (orange and black), Autodesk (white), 00’s AutoCAD (grey and red), and Solidworks (white and orange)
How I forgot Hard Surface, the model can have a stiffer weighting
All of this sounds great
Is there a donut or teapot ball?
File: 3-ball.gif (2.9 MB, 600x446)
2.9 MB
2.9 MB GIF
This is the /3/ ball
Cool idea anon, but why the fuck did you model the handles instead of slapping an alpha'd texture on top of a sphere?
File: 3 test.png (322 KB, 1854x1080)
322 KB
322 KB PNG
Because that way it looks crisp at any distance where a texture gives this blurry effect up close. Also texturing is much simplier; just slap the UV on appropriate bit of the texture, whcih can also be much smaller
[spoiler]I didn't actually make that model; it pre-dates /3/'s return in Spring, but I would've done it the same way[/spoiler]
Looks neat.
So... what is the status here?
I wonder the same
Nobody seems interested enough on this
Waiting for cup administration verdict, today or tomorrow
Shit I could try whipping up two of those.
File: attemptcinema4d.jpg (71 KB, 686x869)
71 KB
Alright, here was my shot at a Cinema4D kit.
File: cinema4d.png (1.18 MB, 2048x2048)
1.18 MB
1.18 MB PNG
I MIGHT try my hand at a Solidworks or Houdini kit.
That has to do with Blender's texture interpolation, by the way. It defaults to linear which creates that odd look. Closest should give you those crisp lines. But it ultimately depends on how the game engine handles alpha textures. I don't think games interpolate alpha textures, so you should get those clean lines, though I do agree with the texturing trick so it doesn't matter too much. I like the black ring, how was that achieved?
File: attempthoudini.jpg (52 KB, 540x766)
52 KB
My shot at a Houdini kit which I liked way more than my Cinema4D kit.
File: houdiniattempt.png (92 KB, 2048x2048)
92 KB
And the texture.
Damn, not bad. Having it all black doesn't make much sense though, imo. I don't think soccer players run around on the field wearing pitch black. Maybe invert the colours on the top?
/fa/ used to wear all black with no extra colors.
Wearing all black is okay as long as there's a little extra to make it stand out.
you might want to avoid very dark uniforms only because /3/ home pitch is mostly dark gray
It's not like they're going to use that specific kit at home. As the home team they'll be put on their Blender kits.
For the Cinema 4D kit I was thinking a white shirt with the logo and blue shorts, for the Houdini kit I was thinking having the logo is big, like the blender kit

By the way interest is good for the administration, so we're in! More on that later
>But it ultimately depends on how the game engine handles alpha textures.
It's essentially the same, actually it might be even worse in game

>I like the black ring, how was that achieved?
The mesh was doubled, fattened and given inverted normals, I'll use that same trick for the NPR player
>The mesh was doubled, fattened and given inverted normals, I'll use that same trick for the NPR player
Ah, I figured. You seem to know your way around 3DCG, do you actually post here often or are you just a board visitor for the cup that knows a few tricks here and there?
When I started following the cup I got interested in learning aesthetics, so I started visiting /3/ but my knowledge is mainly limited to what is needed for modding PES. For example I don't use materials or do renders, because the actual render is in PES (Utah Teapot is using a PES reflection shader with an environnement map for its metallic look for instance)

I would like to learn more 3D stuff beyond that but unfortunalety there's only 24 hours in a day
File: 3 roster.png (26 KB, 681x350)
26 KB
Alright here's the roster for Autumn, compared to that >>642506 I didn't add a UE player to get the Dorf to play a least one time (he didn't in Spring)

- Maya becomes Muh Maya, 3DSMax becomes 3DSMax Has Stopped Working, Portfolio, Zbrush and Industryfag keep their names
- Susanna by Art Company will be the GH for >blender (with the main GH playing first) and the Utah Anthem will be the VA if Utah Teapot is rated MOTM
- The tactics that won are the 4-3-3 but that's irrelevant now, as tactics are randomized for autopilots
- I'm also working on a new logo, alongside the rest of the aesthetics
Keep us updated, hun.
Yes, actually I forgot to mention the dates; since /3/ will skip the qualifiers, the group stage draw will be on October 20th, the cup begins the week after.
File: 1538527804731.png (278 KB, 600x600)
278 KB
278 KB PNG
Apparently, this is your logo now
It's also Televisió de Catalunya 3's logo, lel.
Yikes, not really feeling that. It's far too complex in my opinion. There's a few parts in a good logo and one of them is scalability. If it looks like ass and stops being recognisable when you go too small, then it's a no-go.
Look at the thread image's logo for example. It's legible even without expanding and you can probably go even smaller. This current one already's starting to look like a mess at thumbnail scale and I bet if you went smaller the wireframe section would begin to look like someone smudged the logo.
What does a tv network logo have to do with /3/?
I know it was an armband patch on Barca’s kit at one time, but beyond that I don’t get it?
>There's a few parts in a good logo and one of them is scalability
You're entirely right, which is why I had planned to have smaller simplier versions as well. You mentionned the logo on the OP pic, that one only ever existed on the kits and I don't really plan on changing that. This would be the "main" logo that will show on the team page and the match cinematic

I guess it had a 3 in the logo so it was used
File: 1474802935572.png (36 KB, 900x300)
36 KB
>flat picture for maya
is that the 2007 logo or something? How would i go about contributing an update for that pile of shit for you to put in.
Are you talking about making a new head for the player? All that is needed would be the model in a format that can be imported into Blender.
the texture needs updating as well
The Maya head are models extruded from the logo. Ideally it would be a model; flatheads are only used by default

You are more than welcome to, hell if you can toss me that duk in a format blander can import (like obj or fbx) it's even better
dont think they posted those duck models. If you put up the maya model i can stick an actual 3d logo as the head vs the single plane
Unless you have the Blender plugin to import and export PES files, it's easier to have just a obj/fbx file
File: Your GK for the cup.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1080)
2.77 MB
2.77 MB PNG
Draw happened, we got the dates

First match against next Saturday at 21h/9PM UTC
Second match against /w/ Friday 2nd of November at 21h40/9:40PM UTC
Third match against /lit/ Sunday 4th of November at 21h/9PM UTC

On the aesthetics front, I did alsmost all the suggestions (Zbrush, Biped, Hard Surface, SFM, Wallpaper paste - which is absolutely disgusting) but I'm drawing blank for R8 my renders, the suggestion here >>642348 is good but a bit too broad, if anyone has an idea to narrow it down it'd be good.

About kits, pictured is the Autodesk GK kit, the three kits for the group stage will be AutoCAD 2000, Cinema 4D and Houdini, and I liked the cyan and red end of sleeve from this >>643896
design so I put it as a feature for every /3/ kit
You already have a general on vg, you don't need one on every board.
fuck off. it's one thread on the board for something meta involving said board
This is our anthem now. https://youtu.be/A7f695R9kTQ?t=41m21s
jesus christ what's wrong with blendlets
audible kek

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