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Hey guys, what can I use to create and animate a 2d character walking in 8 directions, a la Broken Sword series? I have no experience doing artwork but have a lot of time (laid off). At the very least Im looking to create a prototype to put into my game until I manage to hire a professional to do it.
If the game is anything like that pic you will need to add the extra dimension. Considering that there are two planes in a traditional 2d scrolled (x,y) you will need to code a z/depth which everything will have. Drawer? Located on 13,12,0 (x,y,z) instead of simply 13,12 (x,y). That takes care of moving towards and away from the camera's perspective, but what about 8dir movement/diagonal? Well the extra dimension allows you to move in x,z.
Unless I'm retarded and misunderstood the question. If it's 2d then any painting app will work. If it's 3d then apps like blender or Maya are your go-to, as both support animation in various file formats(fbx and obj being the most important
If you look at side-scrolling porn games that are typically released on dlsite, they don't bother representing any direction that isn't left or right.
There is only ever one walk animation and it simply gets mirrored and applied in every direction, whether it's up or down or left or right.

Makes you think a bit about the standards of gamers.
But then again we aren't playing porn for phenomenal walking animations.
Focus on one of a phenomenal concept, phenomenal gameplay, something along those lines.
You only need to be strong in one subject to hook in players. Everything else can be passably mediocre.
OP here. My first attempt is to make the map as a hexagonal grid and move the characters on there. Obviously moving away from camera makes the sprite slightly smaller.

Yes, I did notice that in Technobabylon, four directions of movement. Decent game but not ideal.

So model and animate a character in blender, and then somehow export frames for animation in eight different directions? I haven't worked with blender before but I know what it is.
Your want 4 different animations from the pelvis-down. Forward, backward and side steps. Assuming that the character's upper body only rotates in 4 different directions: For forward diagonal movement you would just rotate the pelvis(think about the movement in a game like Halo). Same for reverse.
I suggest you look at how some of the cats who play with Unreal Engine do it. All of this really depends on your game though.
See: >>640370
Thanks man its a start
just use Spine and do 2 Directions. 2D games need to be shot from an Orthographic Cam. Prevents a lot of retardation in the project.

If you wanna go 8dir. Simply move to tha 3d and use rounded trigs on a 45 degToRad gorithm.
Thanks man. Any good tutorials on Spine for me to create a placeholder while I prototype?
Not really. You just go to the site and read Through the manual. Shit's not hard to learn if you have a background with 2d animation.
Dear OP, dont try to re-invent the wheel.

If you are asking how to do 2.5d then it must mean that you are a beginner

Use a game engine. Try " visionaire studio" its a decent all around development studio for adventure games. Or google around for adventure game engines there are a bunch of them. Good luck.


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