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How should I get into Maya? Is the subscription worth my money? I've been told and considered switching over to Maya to substitute Source as my primary character animation software, alongside Cinema 4D, and 3DS Max. However, the subscription fee is absolutely unsustainable for me as a student. Courses cost a hefty sum for an hour as well. I had an old torrent of it laying about somewhere on my PC, but it's probably about a year old and I doubt it works anymore, even though if I do recall correctly it is sourced from Codex. I don't want to take any risks with torrents in the current year given how widespread ransomware and other net worms have become that easily exploit vunurable operating system. Is the Maya license subscription worth my money? Would I be better off upgrading my hardware, being more than 4 years old?
> me as a student

Use the student version.
Autodesk is free for students bro
dude just pirate it...
Autodesk and Adobe trial software is literally made to be cracked, so that low cost alternatives won't have a market with aspiring professionals. No need for torrents
>ransomware is everywhere in the current year
I don't know if I can trust Codex or not. It shouldn't be necessary however as i do feel prudent to attempt and register as a student. I don't need to pay 25$ an hour for courses on how to use the program when I can easily self teach myself as I did with every other software before.
I don't understand people like you.

>have a naked PC dedicated to 3D work
>pirate all the shit you'll ever need
>install on said PC
>optional: if 'MUH MALWARE' occurs, just flatten the system and stark anew
>your workstation is ready

Big companies like Auto/Adobe literally WANT people to pirate their shit. It kills competition +the pirates of today are the professionals of tomorrow, and once you work in on-site employment, the studio you work for has to pay a shit ton for licenses. This is how they make their money.

Not stop being a bitch.
Codex only cracks gaymes. X-Force are the Kings for Apps and they don't have ransomware, retard
this, they don't check anything just say you are still a student somewhere
I pledge my loyalty to Blender.
That's too paranoid of thinking. Especially for those torrents. Unless you're going somewhere other than pirate bay, kickass, cgpersia, rutracker, or cgpersia; you're safe.

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