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So what do you guys think of this? I've started to learn blender 3 weeks ago and I want to improve my skills.
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I think creating something like this in three weeks is pretty good.

Purely in terms of modelling, though. The lighting, render, texturing, everything to do with that side of things is pretty awful. But the models look good. A wireframe view would be nice to see!
>take the bogpill
You've got quite the ways to go anyway, but for 3 weeks I guess it's pretty good progress. The biggest error in your scene itself would be the incredibly obvious tiling of the wood texture on that table. Could either increase the scale or find a better wood texture that has planks dense enough for your need without having to tile. The weird grey gradient where the wall touches the floor is odd, especially since it isn't even perfectly parallel (see the left side where it appears to deviate). What were you going for here? Some kind of wall trim?
In terms of rendering, could have used more samples.
Instead of fishing for praise for being only "3 weeks" or "your first render" or whatever other dumb shit "beginners" like to say, just go do more tutorials.
Your scene looks really bad, you even added a meme to it so you can subconsciously try to avoid criticism by pretending "it's not a serious scene, it wasn't my best work".
And no, I'm not being hard on you, I'm being honest. Your friends and family don't know what they're looking at, when they say "cool dude keep it up" they don't have a fucking clue. So I'm going to tell you: get back to work, this shit sucks, come back in 3 months of tutorials and study then you'll have something to show or you'll have quit.
PS, next time post in the WIP thread you'll get a lot more feedback

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